Meridian Star

February 28, 2013

Newton Theatre Company’s Youth Division presents ‘Revenge of the Pigs’

By Ida Brown /
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Who says revenge can't be sweet?

    While the Big Bad Wolf may have failed in his attempt to blow down the third little pig's house of bricks, the two other pigs' houses of straw and wood were destroyed. Not only are the pigs mad, but they also want revenge.

    "Revenge of the Pigs," which is being presented by Newton Theatre Company's Youth Division, is the fun and funny fractured fairy tale of the Big Bad Wolf getting his comeuppances.

     After their homes are destroyed, Peg, the drama queen, and Alfalfa, who’s a couple straws shy of a full haystack, are not at all happy, so they seek revenge against that big bad wolf, Gusto, who also happens to be a master of disguise though his snippety wife, Wendy, would disagree. After their intellectual brother Mason refuses to get involved because his house, complete with a new Jacuzzi mud bath, is just fine, the two little pigs decide to seek help elsewhere.

    Luckily, there are plenty of volunteers.

    "They meet Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, another boy named Peter and his grandfather, and Peter's friends Bird and Cat, who constantly fight," said Lindsey Miller, who is director of the production.

    "They all end up catching the wolf and telling him that he has to go far, far away," Miller said.

    Through the hysterical ending, they learn that revenge isn’t always so sweet – and maybe the Big Bad Wolf isn’t as big and bad as everyone thought.

    The cast of "Revenge of the Pigs" features 17 youth, most from the Newton County School District. Final performances for the hour-long production are scheduled Friday through Sunday at the Roxy Theatre.