Meridian Star

September 4, 2013

Tree destroys home in storm

from staff reports
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — A home was destroyed Monday afternoon in a storm that brought an oak tree down on the house.

David Sharp, director of Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency, said it happened on Highway 493 near Mt. Carmel Road.

    "A thunderstorm came through yesterday afternoon that they had issued a warning on," Sharp said. "Apparently there were some winds that came through there and the tree was an old oak rotted on the inside. The wind took the top part off about 20 feet off the ground."

    The top of the tree fell on the house and destroyed it, Sharp said.

    "The owner of the home was living nearby and renting the house, but the renters were not at home when the crash occurred, Sharp said.

    "If they had been there," Sharp said, "they probably wouldn't have survived it."