Meridian Star

September 30, 2013

Rose Hill Cemetery: Night of the living playing dead

By Clay Hamilton /
The Meridian Star


As early as 5:30 pm, the gates opened at 6:00 pm, the Rose Hill Costumed Cemetery Tour had people lined up at the first entrance of the cemetery two and three people wide for nearly two city blocks. The weather was half way between summer and fall and the crowd consisted of people of all ages.

The tour through the historic Rose Hill cemetery featured eighteen stops where attendees could hear stories, see clothing patterned after the era, and even be serenaded by the players.

The event, which is becoming a Meridian tradition, was free to attend.

Anne McKee said that the event was so well attended in a light rain last year that she thought it might be possible that as many as 3000 attend this year.

While the crowd waited to enter, various "extras" walked the line explaining the mannerisms and dress of the various time periods they represented.

The 18 stationed costumed players were:

1. Matt Harrison as Patton

2. Tracie Harrison as McInnis

3. Odie Barrett as Mayor Taylor

4. Kyle Rutledge as Judge Thomas H. Woods

5. Carolyn Starnes as Marjorie Woods Austin

6. Scott Farmer as Tallichet

7. Zena Limerick and Cheri Barry as Mayor and Mrs. Dial

8. Betty Davis as Baby Etta and the Yellow Fever Story

9. John McClure as Mayor Ragsdale

10. William Arlinghaus, Michelle Joyner, Gypsy and Orien Williams as the Mitchells (the Gypsies).

11. Carol Sue Wiggins as Mrs. Shackleford and Emme Banks and Sharon Chatham as the Shackleford Ladies

12. Anne McKee told the Railroad Story

13. David Stokes as a Confederate Soldier with Brenda Stewart telling about the Nebraska Read

14. Doyle McKee with Kenzie & Jordan McKee as the Rubushes

15. Keith Jacoby portraying Ball

16. Kris Gianakos as Cameron

17. Jim Harrison as Williams

18 Chuck and Dottie Calvert as the Reverend and Mrs. Bozeman

If you missed the event you can see 87 photos from the event at the Meridian Star's SmugMug Photo Gallery which is free for anyone to view. Click this line to view.