Meridian Star

April 19, 2013

Student suspended after gun incident

By Brian Livingston /
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     A Lauderdale County student has been suspended following an investigation into an incident in which the student allegedly brought a gun to a school.

    Ed Mosley, assistant superintendent of the Lauderdale County School District, said Thursday morning the middle school student at Clarkdale has been placed on a seven-day suspension for the student's role in the incident in which it was reported the student brought a gun to the campus following an altercation with other students Friday.

    "The student has been suspended and that should be the end of this matter," said Mosley. "We never have been able to determine if in fact he did bring a gun to the Clarkdale campus."

    Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department Chief Dep. Ward Calhoun said Thursday morning the matter had been turned over to county school officials after the department's investigation into the incident determined there was no credible proof the student brought a gun to the campus Monday.

    "Nobody has been charged because we can't determine if a gun was actually brought onto the campus," said Calhoun.

    Lauderdale County authorities said it all started on Friday with a verbal altercation between a group of students on the Clarkdale campus. Monday is when a student allegedly had a gun on campus but Calhoun said no one reported seeing a weapon until hours after the fact.

    Calhoun said as soon as the report of a weapon possibly being brought onto the campus was received, the investigation by county school administrative officials and investigators with the sheriff's department was launched. Calhoun said the student who was said to have brought the gun to school was quickly located but a gun was not found.

    "We just didn't find any hard evidence as a result of our investigation so we turned the matter over to school officials," said Calhoun.