Meridian Star

January 8, 2013

UPDATE: Local businessman subject of IRS probe

By Brian Livingston /
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     The attorney for a Meridian resident whose businesses were raided over the weekend by IRS agents said his client is the target of an income-tax probe.

    During a series of raids this weekend, investigators with the Internal Revenue Service, accompanied by the FBI, seized financial records from businesses owned by Bill Gordon, according to attorney Bill Ready Sr., who is representing Gordon.

    A spokesperson with the FBI office in Jackson said the IRS is the lead investigating agency in the probe.

    "The FBI is just assisting in this matter," the spokesperson said.

    Officials with the IRS and the U.S. Attorney's Office in Jackson said they could not comment on the investigation.

    Ready said businesses owned by Gordon targeted in the raid include the New Place Corner Bar, Bill Gordon's Barber Shop, the Log Cabin Bar on Fifth Street, Cameron's Deli on Fifth Street, the Sidetrack Lounge in Whynot, and a store on Highway 11 and 80 in Russell.

    Ready also said the IRS seized financial records of one of Gordon's sons, Wayne Gordon.

     Ready said properties used to raise quarter horses owned by Bill Gordon and his two sons, Wayne and Dennis Gordon, are also targets of the federal investigation.

    No charges have been filed.

    "It is my opinion that the IRS has been told that Bill is some kind of gigantic gambler," Ready said. "It ain't true. It is also my opinion that someone got aggravated at Bill for some reason and called the IRS. That is why I believe the IRS is in error in doing this."

    Ready the raids by the IRS are standard operating procedure by the agency whenever they believe someone has not been paying their proper income taxes. He said the IRS has the authority to seize property and financial records.

    "If the IRS determines you aren't paying your share of taxes, then they can come get your stuff, your records and property, and you have the burden of proof as to whether you are innocent," Ready said. "If you want justice, talk to God."

    Ready said this kind of case can go on for years but he and his client would rather it was over quickly.

    Ready said, "Bill Gordon came here and worked hard to start that barber shop, save his money and invest it wisely."