Meridian Star

November 26, 2013

Star of the Week: Sara Vassar

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — By Marie Roberts / Guest writer

    "Get one and give one" is Sara Vassar’s life motto. The Meridian native uses the slogan while grocery shopping, couponing and more.

    “I started clipping extra coupons out and giving them to the people behind me in line at the register,” Vassar said. “It just sort of ballooned from there.”

    The mother of two uses the motto to teach her children kindness and helpfulness. “They see me buy an extra toy around the holidays to donate to charity or extra food for the food pantry, and I hope that they understand that they, too, can have a positive impact on our community,” Vassar said.

    While out and about in town, it is common for Vassar to be spotted taking full advantage of the buy one, get one free coupons on everything from potato chips to toothpaste.

    “It’s really amazing how much stuff you can get for free thanks to couponing. I just take those things and donate them,” Vassar said.

    Vassar’s practices has inspired others to follow her lead, including area community groups and churches. Two local service groups have hosted Vassar as a guest speaker so she can share the steps to finding the best coupons and using them to help others.

    “I really think spending a few minutes serving others – even while grocery shopping – can be so beneficial,” Vassar said. “I don’t even think of it as a burden or nuisance … it’s much more fulfilling than that.”

    Vassar hopes that as the holiday season approaches, compassion for fellow area residents will continue to grow.

    "Christmastime is a great time to help someone else. It’s doing a good deed for others and yourself.”

    Vassar said her motto in life is: “It’s not just about material things –– I get just as much out of helping others, personally, emotionally, and spiritually, as the person does that I’m helping.”