Meridian Star

March 20, 2014

City to require more info from commercial developers

By Terri Ferguson Smith /
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Commercial real estate developers working on property inside Meridian will have to follow a few more rules when planning their projects.

    In a unanimous vote on Tuesday, the Meridian City Council approved a change in commercial subdivision rules that will require developers to include lots and blocks on their subdivision plats when they apply for a building permit.

    John McClure, director of Community Development, told the council that 10 years ago, the rules were changed so that developers were no longer required to submit lots, blocks, and streets in their plans for commercial subdivisions.

    "The bottom line is, it hasn't worked," McClure said. "The purpose of subdivisions are to foster growth. We found, over the course of time, it wasn't serving that purpose."

    A report from Community Development in February of this year states that it was changed in 2004 because some developers complained that they did not always know how property would develop.

    The report said the office has received requests for building permits for lots within new commercial subdivisions proposing off lot driveways that required joint use agreements and leaving small strips and parcels of land that appear to be un-developable.

    "We are convinced that a property owner/designer/developer has a plan for how they want to develop their property because they have to calculate their costs, based on something, to know if their subdivision is profitable and thus, be able to convince lending institutions to finance the development," the report states.

    The requirements for blocks and lots are already in place for residential subdivisions, McClure said.