Meridian Star

December 7, 2012

Annual Toython starts today

By Terri Ferguson Smith /
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     The spirit of giving is alive and well in Meridian and supporters of the Wesley House Community Center are hoping that spirit will continue to extend to those in need here.

    The WTOK/Peavey Annual Toython is being held today, 3-10 p.m. at the Walmart at 515 Bonita Drive and on Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The annual toy drive gives shoppers an opportunity to help fill up an 18-wheeler with new toys. The truck will be parked at the super center, according to Ginger Grissom, executive director of Wesley House Community Center, Inc.

    "We'll have staff there, board members, and friends of Wesley House there. The main thing is for everybody to please do something," Grissom said. "Even if you contribute a dollar. That's a dollar and it all adds up. It's really cool to bring your family and do this as a family."

    The need this year is greater than ever, Grissom said.

    "This year we're seeing more and more families that are coming to us that are working. They are working and taking care of their family expenses at home, but the things that they lack are food because they fall through the cracks with food stamps," Grissom said. "They don't have anything left for toys. They are trying to be accountable to their homes."

    Toys for all ages are needed, but the need is especially great for older ages, she said.

    "They like things like bikes and any kind of ball," Grissom said.

    About  38,000 cans of food were donated through school children this year for Wesley House food programs, she said.

    "We've already had to spend thousands of dollars on meats. We can't afford to spend any more," Grissom said. "If anyone wants to donate food items, we need anything that has to do with meat, whether it's canned meat or frozen chickens or turkeys."

    Tuna fish is a good donation as well, and Grissom encourages donors to buy the cans with the pop tops so homeless people will have a way of opening the cans. Monetary donations are welcome also.

    "Do we have enough? We have a bunch but we don't have enough," Grissom said.

    For more information on how to help, call 601-485-4736.

Toy List Suggestions...

Older Children


Skate Boards

Balls (any kind of ball)

Nerf Balls

Shaving Sets


Cute purses/wallets


Scarves (the kind that are worn with an outfit)

Hair adornments



Make up Kits

Ear Buds

CD's and players

Gift Certificates to: Movie Theater, The Palms, Skate Odyssey, Bowling, Restaurants, etc.

Middle Aged Children:


Nerf Balls

Bikes, Helmets

Skate Boards



Model Cars, etc.

Hair Adornments

Jewelry Sets

Painting Sets

Baking Sets


Ear Buds

CD's and players

Gift Certificates to: Movie Theater, The Palms, Skate Odyssey, Bowling, Restaurants, etc.

Small Children:


Stuffed Animals

Plastic Food

Play Kitchen Appliances

Barbie Doll Appliances

Tea Sets


Trucks and Cars

Rubber soldiers, cowboys, horses and other animals

Toys dealing with Art, Painting


Things to Ride or rock on!


Soft Animals without pieces that come off, (eyes, noses, etc.)

Teething rings

Age Appropriate rattles, noise makers

Baby blankets, pillows

Filler's and Family Oriented Toys:


Coloring Books and Crayons


Children's Books