Meridian Star

July 31, 2013

Resident comes home to find it burglarized

By Brian Livingston /
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Authorities with the Meridian Police Department are searching for three teenaged boys who may be responsible for the burglary of a home on North Pine Street late Tuesday morning.

    The resident, coming home for lunch around 11:30 a.m., found the door of her brick home open and some items scattered on the floor. She called 911 and was advised not to go inside the home. A few minutes later patrol units and detectives arrived at the home to conduct a search for the suspect or suspects. No one was found inside the home.

    According to witnesses in the neighborhood, three young black boys in their mid to late teens were seen walking along the streets in the vicinity of the home. Officers were able to obtain descriptions of the three suspects. MPD patrol units fanned out through the area to try and locate the subjects but as of late Tuesday afternoon no one was taken into custody.

    According to preliminary reports, a firearm that was kept inside the home was missing. Officers searched the immediate area to try and locate the firearm. There was no information available as to the type of firearm that was missing and nothing was found by officers.

    A neighbor, who wished their name not be revealed, said it was disturbing that this type of incident would happen in this normally quiet area of Meridian.

    "We came home from a few days at the beach and the first thing we see is all these police cars and the news someone's home has been broken into," the neighbor said. "I tell you what. They break into my home and they will get a huge surprise."

    Police officials have said many times the daylight hours when residents are away at their jobs is the time when burglars will take advantage of an empty home. Last week a similar incident occurred on Woods Road in the county when a man came home to find a strange car driven by someone he didn't know in his driveway and two people inside his mobile home. Two of those suspects were taken into custody by Lauderdale County Sheriff's deputies while one is still at large.