Meridian Star

March 25, 2013

Officer Laid to Rest

By Brian Livingston /
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Family, friends, law enforcement, and emergency response personnel bade farewell to Enterprise Police Chief Randy Boykin Sunday inside the gymnasium of Enterprise High School.

    Boykin, 51, died at a Jackson hospital from injuries suffered Tuesday morning when he was hit by a car while he was directing school traffic.

    Rev. Bob Null, pastor at First Assembly of God in Meridian, said the Enterprise Police Department not only lost an officer, but so did the nation.

    "He will be missed by his friends and family, his fellow officers across the country, and the children he was protecting when we lost him," said Null.

    On a podium draped in white linen next to the flag covered coffin of Boykin, a folded American Flag sat. This flag is significant in that after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, Chris Heisler was presented this flag by the Texas House of Representatives. Heisler co-founded The Honor Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to memorializing those heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for their family, community and country.  

    "This flag travels across the country to honor those men and women who give their lives for others," Heisler said during the service. "The sacrifice Randy made is etched on this flag now."

    Meridian Police Department Acting Chief James Sharpe echoed the sentiments of the day when he said, "This is a somber day but I hope it is also a reminder to not only the law enforcement officers here but to the general public as well that whenever we step out of our homes, leaving our families behind, we are putting our lives on the line. It is a great sacrifice Randy gave to his community and shame on us if we forget."

    Boykin's body was carried by members of the law enforcement brotherhood he served alongside. As the hearse and family prepared to leave the high school for Antioch Cemetery, members of the Patriot Guard, police motorcycle units, and law enforcement agency representatives lined up along River Road to begin the motorcade. Behind the hearse the family and friends did likewise.     

    The motorcade moved down River Road and turned right at the intersection of Highway 513 — the spot where Boykin last stood as an officer trying his best to protect those in his community.