Meridian Star

April 5, 2013

MOPS fundraiser set for Saturday

By Brian Livingston /
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Everybody needs a break now and then and moms with small children are no exception.

    Mothers of Pre-Schoolers, or MOPS, is an organization of the Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church in Meridian who for years have tried to give moms of young children a little time out of the day to recharge and to get educated on raising children and child development. MOPS members, such as Kelly Carr, know first hand just how important it is to give a mom a break.

    "There isn't any manual that comes with babies," Carr said laughing. "I know. I've got two girls and a boy and they keep me running."

    Carr said the MOPS fundraiser, set to begin at 8 a.m. Saturday on the parking lot of the church located at 1318 15th Avenue, raises funds through renting spaces for people to sell their things in a mega yard sale setting. Carr said the funds go toward the MOPS ministry, provides mom scholarships and allows MOPS to provide charitable services such as Operation Christmas Child during the holiday season.

    "We have between 35 and 40 spaces already sold but we have plenty of space for more if someone wanted to join us for this worthy fundraiser," Carr said.

    The sale runs from 8 a.m. — 1p.m. in the Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church parking lot. Purchase a parking spot for only $15, and bring all your items to be sold. Carr said if you a huge amount of items to sell you can buy two spaces for $25.

    "You keep all your profits and we do all the advertising," Carr said. "We have these big yard sales twice a year."

    MOPS is a non-profit Christian group who ministers to mothers of young children. For more info, visit or call Kelly Carr at 601-934-3983 or Ashley at 601-453-5699, or Julie Quigley, at (601) 934-4046.