Meridian Star

February 1, 2013

The Langford Buck

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —    January first dawned dreary and rainy in Leake County, but that didn’t deter David Langford from going to the woods in search of a buck. After battling the rain and elements for a few hours without any luck the discouraged hunter made a fateful decision to call it a day. Langford, of Lena, decided to return home to watch his Mississippi State Bulldogs in the Gator Bowl.

    “I was watching a doe around 10:30 but I was soaking wet and just went home,” Langford said. “I was going to dry off, have a snack and settle in to watch the game.”

Back at the house Langford missed the kickoff while changing and getting a snack. Before he knew it State was down 7-0 and the game had just begun. Langford finally settled into his easy chair and was trying to enjoy lunch and watch the game but things took a turn for the worse and went downhill fast for the Bulldogs.

    “We had another turnover and I’d had enough,” said Langford. “I just got disgusted and decided to go back to the woods.” It was a decision that turned out to be a memorable choice. MSU never turned it around and the rain kept coming too, but that didn’t stop the rutting deer.

    Langford had been hunting a good buck in the area for a couple years but hadn’t seen him lately. “We were hunting a good buck but didn’t know if he’d lived after my son shot at him at the end of youth season in January 2012,” said Langford.

    Langford took a stand on a hill overlooking an area that was full of cutover with lanes and pockets of thick brush all around. “I had a wreck a couple years ago and broke my neck in two places so I hunt on the ground and was sitting in a director’s chair overlooking the area where I’d spotted a doe earlier,” he said.

    It didn’t take long before the action heated up either. In fact a hot doe ran by as movement picked up. “A doe came by me and the buck was hot on her trail but they went by too fast for me to get a shot,” Langford said. “He ran by me so fast that I couldn’t get on him quick enough.”

    Watching the area intently, Langford knew there was a good chance the doe would come back through the area and bring the old buck by him again. About ten minutes later Langford’s patience and determination paid off as he spotted the buck again. This time the deer stopped in an area concealed by brush.

    “I could see a bunch of stuff sticking up on his head, he said. “Oh man, what do I do," wondered Langford? “I stopped looking at horns and spotted a small opening in front and decided to take a heart shot if he came through there,” said Langford. When the buck hit the opening Langford drilled him!

    “He went straight down but jumped up and ran into a thicket,” Langford said. When he got to the spot where the deer had gone down Langford couldn’t find any blood because of the rain. “I found where he’d pawed the ground getting back up and started trailing him as I found more paw marks,” he said. The trail led to the deer.

    “I was in total amazement. To know that a buck like this was here absolutely surprised me. You never see those kinds of bucks around here. He had points coming out everywhere.”

“I killed the buck of a lifetime on a day that I’ll never forget!”

    The monster buck sported a rocking chair with 26 points and scored 202 4/8 with the Buckmaster’s Trophy Records System and weighed 220 pounds. Langford harvested the deer with a 7 mm Magnum rifle.

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