Meridian Star

March 25, 2013

Ride for Christ Parade coming March 30

By Brian Livingston /
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Sharon Merriweather has noticed how difficult it is for the elderly or those who are disabled to get to the downtown areas of Meridian to enjoy a simple parade.

    This started a thought that last year grew into the first parade specifically intended to bring the parade to those people. Now in its second year, the Ride for Christ Parade will again be motoring through parts of Meridian for all to enjoy.

    "I just realized there are a great many people who can't leave their homes for whatever reason," Merriweather said. "So I thought I'd bring the parade to them."

    Last year Merriweather said the parade brought more than she envisioned. Broad smiles and clapping for the simple thought of moving a parade into the residential areas where these people live. This year's event, scheduled for Saturday, March 30, will be bigger and more enjoyable, Merriweather said.

    "We have gotten a great many requests for people to join us in doing this event," she said. "That makes me feel really good knowing that there are others who want to provide this entertainment to these people."

    The parade will start at 1 p.m. and everyone participating is asked to line up at the Old Fifth Street Baptist Church on 10th Avenue. Merriweather said the parade will then proceed on 10th Avenue and 14th Street all the way down to 24th Street before looping back the same way to the starting point.

    "There will be all sorts of goodies being given out during the parade," said Merriweather. "So please bring your families out to this event."

    Bikers with the BoyznDollz Makn Noyz Motorcycle Group will be leading the parade that will also include classic and tricked out cars, walkers, praise dancers and, yes, there will be horses.

    "The horses were popular last year," Merriweather said.