Meridian Star

October 29, 2012

Star of The Week: Steve and Wanda McKinion

By Terri Ferguson Smith /
Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Two people who have taken to heart the command of Christ to "Take up your cross and follow me," are spreading the gospel in their home county of Newton and in surrounding counties.

    Steve and Wanda McKinion were in Meridian on Friday with crosses in tow, a ministry their pastor at Covenant Life Church started. The McKinions have been carrying crosses for about two years.

    "We're just trying to remind people what Jesus did on the cross," Steve McKinion said. "We want also to wake up some people, wake up churches and let them know that we're living in the end times and that time is short and if they are going to do anything for the Kingdom of God, they need to get busy."

    In addition to those outside of the church, the McKinions are also concerned about church-goers.

    "There is a lot of idolatry going on in churches, even today, that people think it's of God, but it isn't," he said. "We just want people to wake up to the times we're living in."

    They get a lot of questions about why they carry their crosses and where they are going.

    "Our main purpose is to really let people know that Jesus died on the cross for their sins," Steve McKinion said. "Some people say 'bless you' and some ask questions. Some people pray."

    Their ministry is very specific.

    "The focus is on Jesus," Wanda McKinion said. "If you've got Jesus you've got everything you need.These crosses shine more than we could ever do."