Meridian Star

November 11, 2012

American Soldier

By Carolyn Hunter / Special to The Star
The Meridian Star


    I am an American soldier

    Bravely protecting the Red, White, and Blue

    I am a warrior standing proudly between the enemy and you,

    I endure the wet and cold to engage the enemy we are facing.

    I will also engage them in hot, sandy, and unpleasant places,

    I am quick learner, adjusting to foreign lands,

    Realizing sometimes I am disliked even when giving a helping hand.

    Learning different cultures, languages and what each of them demand,

    I witness others anguish and poverty; praying my presence will make a change.

    Knowing often our fate is influenced by others out of harm's range.

    Dear Lord, I pray decisions are made by good and honest men,

    Who understand real lives are affected by their decisions and values.

    For which they stand,

    Oh, sweet symbol of freedom, what I wouldn't do for you?

    Flying high and proudly for freedom and truth,

    May God continue to protect us who pledge our lives to you,

    I believe in America and her sweet symbol of freedom:

    The Red, White, and Blue.

    Carolyn Hunter is a native of Meridian. She has a graduate degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in Nursing Administration. She has been a nurse for 38 years. She published her first book of poetry in 2001. The book is titled  "Heart and Soul Love Life Poetry: Words of Faith Love and Healing." She also enjoys writing songs that warm the heart and heal the soul.