Meridian Star

November 8, 2012

Many Lauderdale County voters go with GOP

By Terri Ferguson Smith /
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Lauderdale County voters went the way of other voters throughout Mississippi in the Tuesday election for president, but not the way of the entire country.

    In Lauderdale County, 57 percent of voters picked Republican nominee Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama, who received 42 percent of the votes here.

    Tallies showed Obama winning the U.S. by 50 percent of the voters, while Romney received 48 percent.

    All of Mississippi's incumbent U.S. House of Representatives members held onto their posts, including Gregg Harper, Third Congressional District. Harper is a Republican and received 81.5 percent of the vote in Lauderdale County.

    Supreme Court Justice William Waller Jr., whose district includes part of Lauderdale County, won the re-election with the help of 62 percent of the voters here. Challenger Earle Banks received nearly 38 percent of the vote here.

    Senator Roger Wicker, (R) won re-election as well, handily defeating Democratic challenger Albert N. Gore. Lauderdale County voters picked Wicker, by 60 percent to Gore's near 38 percent.

    All local races were uncontested.

    John Flowers, chairman of the Lauderdale County Democratic Party, said Democrats are excited about the future.

    "Well, you know this is a great day for the Democratic party and the country to re-elect the president," Flowers said. "Now he will be able to put into place and carry through on the things he started."

    Flowers mentioned the president's jobs bill.

    "What it does for us locally," Flowers said, "it creates opportunities for people to become independent instead of dependent and become productive citizens."

    Flowers said he expects the president to remove some educational regulations that he says keep teachers from doing their jobs. He is also optimistic about Obama's work in foreign affairs.

    "He's going to actually help us to be more peaceful with other countries and other nations," Flowers said. "And that global economic force — we're not in it. However, he's going to make it better for us to negotiate with other countries."

    Flowers also pointed to the president's focus on families and women and making sure that women get equal pay for equal work.     Flowers said he believes the president is willing to take a bipartisan approach to legislation.

    "We're very excited about what's going on and what can go on," Flowers said.

    Bruce Martin, a member of the Lauderdale County Republican Party, took the presidential loss in stride and is optimistic about the nation's future.

    "We're all one country, one people. We'll make the best of the next four years. We're a great country, we'll be OK."