Meridian Star

August 25, 2013

Honoring retired senior volunteers

By Barbara Wells
Special to The Star

MERIDIAN — This past week we honored and celebrated our volunteers with the Retired Senior Volunteer Program at Frank Cochran Center. I almost hate to say it, but Tom Milhorn is our oldest volunteer at Meridian Activity Center. We were trying to recall just how long he’s been teaching computer lessons here, I think it is eight years.

    If I begin naming all the people who help out over here, I’m sure to forget someone. So I’ll be sure to mention Brenda Golisch, who leads our Slimnastics exercise program at 4:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

    This is an aerobic class in that we move A LOT; not as much as Zumba, mind you, but we do move, some less than others. What we want to do is get our heart rate up the first 20 minutes of class. Then we throw in some stretchy bands and weights to strengthen our joins and bones, retain some flexibility. On Mondays we toss in big balls to improve our balance and which make sit ups sooooo much easier. I love the ball! Sometimes we get down on the floor to do some leg lifts or sit ups – always working on those abs. The hour flies by.  

    Brenda is not on our regular salary, she only asks for love offerings... call me, I’ll explain what that usually means.

    In September, we are pleased to include Charlynn King in our list of workshops at the Center. She has a new and improved method of making T-shirt quilts. We first heard of these special memory quilts in the film “The Help,” when one of the characters was cutting up her favorite T-shirts to sew together and make a quilt to take to college. Usually the cut-up piece is ironed to a piece of interfacing to give it a little body. Take the 3-Thursday workshop with Charlynn to see how she makes her quilts the "easy" way. She refers to them as cuddle quilts. They are not meant to be hung on the wall or used on top of the bed as decoration, they should be soft and pliant. Call her at (601) 692-7525 to reserve a spot.

    Also in September, Michael Remy continues to delight us with his “Understanding Your Electronic Toys” with a new five-week class on the Apple iPhone. Class size is limited, so come by soon to sign up and pay your small fee of $15 to reserve a seat.

    We’ve been trying to start a Basic Sewing class on Thursday afternoons at 1. Hello? I know you are out there — are you waiting for the right day? Is Thursday not a good day for you? Please call me at (601) 485-1812 and let’s talk. Everyone needs to know how to sew, especially if you have a perfectly good machine sitting in the closet. In the dust. In the dark.

    People still get lost trying to find us. If you will drive up or down 29th Avenue (which runs all the way from the Interstate to North Hills Street), you will have to stop at the four-way sign on 36th Street (which also crosses Poplar Springs Drive). Look closely. See our little sign that says “Meridian Activity Center” with an arrow pointing to the west. Drive over on 36th Street until you see another sign on 32nd Avenue. Turn there. It is a deadend street and we are “where all roads lead” under the arch. This used to be Lamar Elementary School.     

    Call us at (601) 485-1812 if you get lost. If you are looking for a particular class but the line is busy, look us up on the website.

    • Barbara Wells is director of Meridian Activity Center. You may e-mail her at barbarawells