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April 6, 2014

MLT announces cast of 'Anything Goes'

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The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     The cast for Meridian Little Theatre's 2013-14 season finale, 'Anything Goes,' has been announced. 

     Slated for May 8-14 at the Highway 39 North playhouse, this upbeat musical with words and music by Cole Porter is set in the 1930s. The plot concerns Billy Crocker, who stows away on an ocean liner bound from New York to London so he can dissuade Hope Harcourt not to marry an aristocratic Englishman, Sir Evelyn Oakleigh. Crocker has boarded without a ticket and is forced to adopt several disguises so he can accomplish his mission of stopping the marriage.

    Crocker is aided by the Rev. Dr. Moon, whom the FBI has branded as “Public Enemy #13" and his “doll” Bonnie Latour. Hope eventually discovers she has become an heiress, drops Sir Evelyn and consents to marry Billy. Sir Evelyn turns his attention to Reno Sweeney, an evangelist turned nightclub singer and all ends well.

    Cast for the play:

    • Kevin Williams/Billy Crocker, the young but inefficient money manager in love with Hope.

    • Olivia Vaughn/Hope Harcourt, Billy’s object of affection.

    • Sara Odom/Reno Sweeney, evangelist and singer and friend of Billy onboard to save sinners.

    • Monty Royal/Moonface Martin, second rate gangster who longs to be Public Enemy No. 1.

    • Terri Ann Pankhurst/Bonnie Latour, Moon’s attractive but not so bright accomplice

    Brian H.Smith/Sir Evelyn Oakleigh, Hope’s wealthy but stuffy aristocratic British fiancé.

    • Margaret Remy/Mrs. Harcourt, Hope’s mother concerned with social status and money who wants Hope to marry rich.

    • Adam Rittenhouse/Elisha J. Whitney, Ivy League Wall Street banker who is Billy’s boss.

    • Ashley Betts/Chasity, Rose Marie Lau/Purity,Katie Bruister/Virtue, Reno’s backup singers

    • Scott Stevens/The Bishop, who is traveling on a mission trip.

   • Larry Birzer/Captain, Skipper of the S.S. America,

   • Nykolas Alford/Purser, employee of the America who is the captain’s lackey.

      • Daniel Johnson/Steward, steward of the ship.

    • Scott Causey/Reporter for the Globe American.

    • Josh Myers/Cameraman for the Globe American.

    • Passengers and crew include: Haley Merrill, Jo Ellen Reeves, Brittany Butler, Malley Scarbrough, Haley Bailey, Becca Denny, Margaret Denny, Margaret Griffin, Kynsleigh Roberts, Claire McCraw, Sue Woods, Martha Barnett, Eli Brand, Maggie Craze, Timeiya Harris, Ross McDonald, Jamie Murray and Michelle Ohchie.

     • Production Staff: Ronnie Miller, director; David Benson, musical director; Carol Merrill, choreographer; Carey Smith, orchestra conductor; Scott Merrill, technical director; Carol Sue Wiggins, stage manager; Shannon Culpepper, lighting director; and Richard Anderson, sound director

    For ticket information call MLT at (601) 482-6371 or go online