Meridian Star

April 28, 2013

Collinsville CDC

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Lauderdale County School District Superintendent Randy Hodges educated the Collinsville Community Development Club on the local school district's accomplishments at the club's April meeting.     

    Hodges began his presentation by acknowledging his pride of the Lauderdale County schools. He said the schools are performing well in difficult times. And, because of the lack of funds, the schools now have larger classrooms and many of their programs have been affected.

    West Lauderdale High School and Clarkdale Attendance Center are recognized as STAR Schools. West Lauderdale elementary and middle schools are rated High Performance schools.

    West Lauderdale schools excelled in many areas: athletics, academics and performing arts. ACT scores are high and the school ranks seventh in the state. The graduating rate is 88.7 percent. Students are also recognized for good behavior.

    Hodges said performing arts play an important role in the schools. In addition, administrators must have good teachers in the classrooms and teachers must have support.

    Hodges stressed the importance of early childhood classes. He is in favor of Pre-K, noting it gives students a good start.

    Hodges thanked the community for supporting him.

    President Faye Houston called the April 15, 2013, meeting to order. Isha Marsha, a fifth grade student from West Lauderdale Elementary School, led the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Isha also lead devotion, reading the Bible story "The Wall That Would Not Fail," which is about Rahab, who helped Israelite spies escape. When the Israelites marched around the wall seven times like God told them to do, the wall fell. However Rahab and her family were saved.

    The Yard of the Month Committee announced award recipients for the month: Darrel and Judy Harwell, first place; Gary and June Gibson, second place; and Billy and Vistan Allen, third place

    It was announced that Collinsville Day is scheduled for May 4. Booths and entertainment were discussed. T-shirts were on sale for Collinsville Day. Chicken plate tickets were distributed to club members to sell. Vistan Allen announced that a cleanup day would be held to prepare for Collinsville Day.

    Imogene Joyner announced that Randal Walker, a graduating senior from West Lauderdale High School, is the recipient of the Book Scholarship.

    One of the club projects is to donate old shoes to First Baptist Church. The shoes will be delivered to Golden Living Nursing Home to be sent to several countries for recycling. The deadline for turning in the shoes is May 14.

    It was announced that work on the new kitchen in the clubhouse will be completed in a few weeks.

    The club traveled by bus to Vicksburg on April 23.

    The meeting adjourned and members enjoyed a time of refreshments and fellowship. The serving committee included Imogene Joyner, Hope Mabry, Gloria Jean Miller and Marjorie Nabors.

    The next meeting of the Collinsville Community Development Club is scheduled for May 20.