Meridian Star

April 14, 2013

Obadiah Homemaker Volunteers

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Obadiah Homemaker Volunteers members became computer savvy through the guidance of Nancy Cook at the club's April meeting.

    Cook, a representative of the Best Buy for Home Computers Program informed members on what to look for when purchasing a computer, such as desktop, laptop or netbook.

    A desktop not only is cheaper, but also harder to steal and easier to upgrade. Desktop computers are a good choice if you do not need to take it out. They are generally cheaper and easier to repair.

    Laptops are portable, but easier to steal and more difficult to upgrade. The can be used when electricity is unavailable. While the laptop’s claim to fame is it’s portability, they are catching up to desktop when it comes to speed and processing. However, laptops can pick up wireless networks wherever you are.

    Netbook is small, light and compact, but can run only one program at a time. It’s small size and weight makes it easy to carry. It is s great for e-mail and surfing the Internet.

    When considering buying a computer, hard drive, size memory, CD-Rom or DVD-Rom, software, warranty, and support systems are a must.

    Norma Pace presented the devotional, which included several poems about Easter.

    President Caroline Wilson called the meeting to order and requested the following reports:

    • Treasurer Georgia Snowden presented the financial report.

    • Secretary Robin Doerner called roll, presented the minutes of the March meeting,and counted recycled items.

    • Lou Limerick reported on the Area Meeting in Waynesboro. All Lauderdale County members in the dress revue were winners and will model at the Mississippi State Council Convention in May.

    • Caroline Wilson reported on the local MHV Council meeting. Obadiah had entries in the dress revue. Lou Limerick and Robin Doerner were both winners.

    Four members volunteered to help children decorate cookies at the Threefoot Arts Festival. Plans were made for Obadiah hosting the April MHV Council meeting at the East Mississippi Electric Power Association building. The meeting includes a cultural arts contest.

    Other reports:

    • Child and Family, Robin Doerner – Watch out for critters that will inhabit your yard soon: snakes, ticks, scorpions, etc.

    • Safety, Lou Limerick – Look out for yourself and your neighbors; several break-ins have been reported in the rural area.

    • Bailey Post Office, Elaine Herber and Elouise Ethridge – Digging out Mexican petunias and planting wave petunias.

    • Charity Clinic, Michelle Moseley – All contributions are appreciated and the $100 from the club.

    • Health – Virginia White – Stay home when you are sick.

    Dot Doerner reported on being tested (program for March meeting) by representative from Rush Senior Care's Intensive Outpatient Program.

    Hostesses for the evening were Norma Pace and Virginia White.

    The meeting closed with the Pledge of Allegiance led by White and refreshments served by the hostesses.

    The May 6 meeting of Obadiah Homemaker Volunteers will be at 7 p.m. in Center Hill Community Center on Gum Log Road in Bailey. Visitors are welcome.


    • Submitted by Elouise Ethridge.