Meridian Star

October 20, 2013

Obadiah Homemaker Volunteers Club

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Members of the Obadiah Homemaker Volunteers Club were treated to a presentation of club president Caroline Wilson’s original short story “Gymnastics?” at the October meeting.

    The story focuses on Miss Butler, a first-year teacher in a small town in the Mississippi Delta. The local Girl Scout troop asked her to be their sponsor, and she accepted – even though she knew little about the organization and had never been a Girl Scout. 

    In those days, schools held assemblies every Friday. The Scouts were asked to present a program, and decided to hold a meeting on the stage to show others what Girl Scouts were all about.

     The day arrived for their program and all was set.  Not one of the girls wanted to announce the program; so they convinced Miss Butler to do it. A young male student was to handle the curtain and Miss Butler told him not to open it until she was back in her seat on stage.

     Well, she stepped in front of the curtain and announced what was going to transpire. She stepped back through the curtain opening, headed to her seat and plopped herself in it in a hurry. The chair was a rocker and started rocking backward. No problem; the chair would catch at the end of the rocker and start forward again. But one rocker was broken! As the curtain came to a full open, there was Miss Butler doing a backward somersault on the stage.

    What to do? She was on her hands and knees not three feet from her students who, of course, were laughing. Her decision was made. She righted the chair, sat down and, with much embarrassment, went on with the program. What a way to meet the entire student body of grades one through 12.

    Fifteen members and two guest were in attendance at the club's October meeting. The Rev. Wallace Terry presented the devotional, noting that in Psalm 96, the psalmist calls all of creation to join together in praise of the Creator. He begins with all that is in the earth (v.1) and reaches to the heavens themselves (v. 11) with a call to worship that recognizes and bows before our great and mighty God.

    This psalm is a reminder to bring the glory of God into the ordinary situations of the world – where some undeserving soul needs a second chance. It also is a reminder to share the love of Christ with someone who is needy, or to be the hands of Jesus that lift up a weary friend and bring peace to a confusing and chaotic situation. 

    "Surprise your world with the wonders of Christ shining through you," Terry said.


    • Robin Doerner, secretary. Minutes, roll call. Child and Family — Most recently posters were made by students at school about suicide signs. Doerner advised members to not be too busy to look for signs of depression in family members or loved ones.

     • Virginia White, Health. White members that now is the time to get flu shots.

    • Elouise Ethridge, post office. Ethridge informed the club that she and fellow master gardener Flo Sinclair weeded the flower beds the afternoon of the meeting. Ethridge also reported on the recent Fall Area Meeting held at East Mississippi Electric Power Association (EMEPA)

     • Dorothy Doerner, Golden-agers. Doerner reported 15 attended the Senior Citizens Club meeting.

     • Caroline Wilson, Council. Ten Obadiah Homemakers attended the September meeting, which included a program about the announcement of the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center coming to Meridian.

     • Georgia Snowden, treasurer. Snowden presented the financial report. She also announced that the annual the Homemakers Arts and Crafts Show and Sale is scheduled for Nov. 2, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and Nov. 3, from noon to 5 p.m., at the Frank Cochran Center in Highland Park. Handmade items are sold. 

    "It's a good time to shop for Christmas," Snowden said.

     Members were were reminded that the club's November meeting would also be the time of the annual auction. The event helps secures funds to support various organizational contributions made by the Obadiah Homemaker Volunteers Club each year. This  year's auction will be held Nov. 4 at 7 p.m. at the Center Hill Community Center on Gum Log Road in Bailey.

    Virginia White led the pledge to the United States flag.

    The meeting adjourned and refreshments were served by hostesses Katherine Daniels and Barbara Stinson.

• Submitted by Elouise Ethridge.