Meridian Star

December 1, 2013

Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!

By Barbara Wells
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Tradition is such a good thing. Every year you decorate your Christmas tree the same way you did it the year before. Each ornament has a history and brings tears to your eyes. The year little Timmy broke his leg the day before the holiday and lay on the sofa while you all opened your presents. Tradition in its own way is a kind of recycling. No scratching your head and wondering how to decorate the tree each year.

    Not so at Meridian Activity Center. One would think we would be the more traditional sort over here, what with the hand-me-downs and diverse groups attending classes. It would be the easiest thing to do. But no...we have a floral designer giving classes here who has given us great ideas, such as the cotton last year clumped all around the tree which looked just like snow.

    My favorite was our first Re-Cycle tree. It was covered with huge snowflakes made with the plastic ties from six-packs. It was so magical! You could also make snowflakes from six-pack orange juice plastic holders.

    There is something quite wonderful about making something really charming and neat from trash! This past year we were introduced to plastic pallets being made by church ladies for the homeless. These ‘pads’ were made from strips of plastic (wal-mart, or dollar store) bags crocheted together. Now this year we’ve seen an adaptation of the process (chain stitch and single crochet) tightly bound to make the coolest plastic purses.

    Glenda Rank embellishes her bags with dangles and pockets on the inside for cell phones. At first glance one might think, “Hmm, that’s unusual...” But when they learn it is made entirely from yellow Dollar General plastic bags, they have to have one! Even better, when asking the price, it’s only $5 or $10. (Glenda just loves crocheting.) We plan to invite her to the Center to show us how to make these wonderful bags, so call if interested. 601-485-1812.

    This year we learned how to make crosses from clothespins. This would be a great project to do with the children over Christmas, all you need is a pack of wooden clothespins and glue. We have a pattern you can have here at Meridian Activity Center.

    Our tree this year is a charming reflection of all the people who support the Center--each ornament reflects those cheerful faces who spend time here socializing, sharing and learning from one another. If you care to come and take a look you will find an aspect of recycling in every decoration. We wish everyone a very merry Christmas!

    All these little projects are just fun things we do to decorate ourselves. Recycling is much more important business. That’s what those rectangular boxes given to you by Waste Management were for – recycling paper, aluminum and plastics. I put all paper goods in mine, envelopes, color paper from the sale ads, corrugated board or boxes flattened--anything that would break down in water can be reused and turned into more paper.

    I’m always surprised though, that no one else in my neighborhood uses the boxes. I had noticed one lady was growing plants in hers; I suppose that is one sort of re-cycling. But really, it is a good idea to begin recycling. Sadly we cannot recycle glass in Meridian. I hear that Jackson will take glass, but you have to take it to the ReCycle Center yourself. So we are fortunate here in Meridian, our box is picked up every other week. Please try to make it a habit in your household! Re-Cycling is a good thing.

Meridian Activity Center Happenings

    Well, the holidays are upon us so we are primarily having parties for various classes and groups. However, we will still have our BINGO for seniors on Thursday, December 5 and 19. We will have AARP Driver Training on Tuesday, December 10th from 8:00 – 12:00. Reservations are required for this class of only ten participants! Your auto insurance company should apply a discount to your rate after completing it.

    Friday December 13th is our last day of classes until 2014 beginning class on January 6. Call or come by to register for the new year classes. 601-485-1812.  Meridian Activity Center is located at 3300-32nd Avenue – off 29th Avenue and 32nd Street.