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September 1, 2013

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Voter ID law makes sense

    For years, we have heard and read the many opinions, the articles, the many newscasters talk about the pros and cons of the subject of "Voter ID Laws."

    Well, if I may, I would like to put in my two cents. And much that I say is based on historical fact. And, for those who disbelieve, please, read the history. T    he Democrat Party has existed since the early 1790s. It was originally called the Democratic-Republican Party. It was originally for State's Rights and the strict adherence of the U. S. Constitution.

    In the late 1820s, the party split. And ever since than, the Democratic Party has done everything within their power to change the U.S. Constitution. And according to history, it was the Southern white Democrats, before and after the Civil War, that laid the foundation and passed the state and federal laws that promoted and continued the slavery system in America.

    So, what's wrong with a voter ID system? Because, the Democratic Party will not be able to continue the confusion and arguments of division. Because, with a Voter ID Law only those eligible will be able to vote. There will not be any confusion as to who can vote, nor how many times an individual can vote.

    It's like a pictured driver's license. Law enforcement knows who you are, if you are old enough to drive, and if you do have a license in your possession than you can drive.

    With a Voter ID card, once you check in to vote, they check you off, than no one else can use your card, nor just show up and claim to be you to vote. Every U.S. citizen, of the voting age, has the right to vote. But, it is also a privilege to vote. A privilege that can be taken away. So, you have to respect that privilege.

    I will not sale, give away, nor have my right and privilege to vote stolen from me. This is my opinion.

Thank you,

Floyd T. Killebrew, Jr.

Your taxpayer dollars

at work

    Well folks, our President Barack Hussein Obama and family have just gotten back from a $100 million vacation to Africa and have now returned from another vacation to Martha's Vineyard.

    What a job this guy has; constantly on vacation and playing golf and spending taxpayers' money. The royal family left for Martha's Vineyard but of course the "First Dog" and his handler were not allowed to travel with them and I hear the sum of $5,000 was set aside to pay for the doggy and his handler to fly in another airplane.

    Yes folks; there is a good and understandable reason for the dog not being in the same plane with Barack Hussein because I understand from the news media that Sharia Law prohibits an animal from being on the same conveyance as a muslim.

    That doggy was give to Obama by Kennedy several years ago and the handler was hired at a paltry salary of only $105,000 a year to take care of the first dog.

    By the way folks, July 25 of this year, the President invited a whole bunch of muslims to the White House for a little celebration during the muslim holidays to congratulate them on all the accomplishments that muslims had made to make this country greater.

    If any of you readers of this paper can write in this column and let me know if there are just two things the Muslims have done, I would like to know what they are.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Knowles, Meridian

Use art to beautify Meridian

    My wife Helen and I love to sit and watch the news together. We have been noticing several shots of downtown buildings and how they do pull away shots which show worn out looking buildings.

    I pointed out to her one day that instead of seeing large blank sides to these buildings I could see large canvases which would be so perfect for art.

    Meridian is billed as a Arts and Entertainment town so why not do more of it? Why not take some of these buildings with the owners permissions and bring in art students, school classes, people from all walks of life in Meridian and from all different sectors of our town together in unity?

    When you work together on a project you come to know your neighbors better and develop relationships. We have seen the art that came up on a building on 23rd Avenue and 8th Street and we think this is neat. Oops just dated ourselves.     When Helen and I travel through towns going to the coast, etc., we see art such as this and it always draws our attention to it. Perhaps business, groups, etc., could donate the materials, and possibly it could be coordinated through Main Street and each area could have a theme.

    These could possibly be, ailroad tracks, trains, etc., Jimmy Rogers, magnolias or whatever is specific to each demographic area. I understand some are historic and this would not be allowed, but others can be if the business owners thought this was a good idea.

    Just a thought that we felt should be shared. Lets all put our minds together for the betterment of our community. I know there are people doing great and innovative things on interior projects, maybe this would compliment those efforts with exterior projects also.

    Lets look to the positive and not always to the negative. Lastly even if this idea does not work, maybe someone has a better one. If so, lets go for it Meridian.

Roger Welborn, Meridian

The art of cursive writing

    It is going to be a very sad day when our younger generation will be unable to read the documents that formed our country. Think of all the letters that were written by our ancestors than can never be fully understood.

    Cursive writing is very important and should never be ignored in our school system.

    As a former school teacher, I well remember writing class and how the children looked forward to it with joyful anticipation. It was a quiet time for them. They had their newly sharpened pencils and their proper writing paper.

    After I had instructed them on the formation of the beautifully "a" and "o", I would put on music for them to listen to while they practiced. They knew the selection of the soft gliding music that was available and sometimes chose the voices of the whales in the ocean.

    I walked the aisles and when a correction was needed I tapped them on the shoulder, went to the board and wrote the letter properly. No talking.

    What is the problem now? First of all, parents did not show the children how to hold the pencil when they started. They just grab it in their fist. This makes it difficult for the student to use the back side of the palm as a cushion to get necessary glide used in cursive. I would question of some of the teachers know how to change them.

    Cursive writing is an art. Art uses another part of the brain. This is being compromised.

    My father wrote beautiful Spenserian script. The graduating diplomas from surrounding counties were sent to our house in the spring for my father to inscribe names on them. He also did all of the Future Farmers Association promotions.

    Large tables were set up and my sister and I had to be quiet. We were very proud of him but being quiet was not easy.

    I suspect teachers will plea, "We have not enough time." I will answer to that, "Find the time. Shut the computers off. Integrate the subjects. Use spelling words to practice the script."

    Please do not let this beautiful artistic way of communication get lost.

Virginia H. Helms, former teacher, St. Clairsville, Ohio