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December 8, 2013

Letters: Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Promoting

homosexuality is

a step backwards

    So now I hear some lesbian in Mississippi wants to force Mississippi to recognize same-sex "marriage" by granting her a legal divorce from her lesbian "spouse"! What a hoot! (You almost can't make this stuff up!)

         Someone should inform that lesbian that some ancient and primitive Greeks and Romans crassly valued homosexual relations. But eventually the people wised up and realized that was a mistake, and homosexual activity was again deemed unethical and was basically driven underground.

         Now many Democrats and even some Republicans are trying to take us back thousands of years to more primitive and decadent times, despite the fact that thinking people have known for centuries that homosexual activity is immoral and a bad legal precedent. (All the arguments homosexuals use to try to rationalize homosexual activity are seriously flawed.) What an upside-down world, where we are supposed to cater to the immoral!

         It may come as a surprise to you that some colleges now have officially recognized student groups devoted to promoting the acceptance of BDSM — sexually deviant bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism. That's right. If you are a student who gets turned on by smacking people around, some colleges now have groups for you! Is that bizarre or what.

         He who has eyes to see, let them see. The "logic" of heterophobic homosexuals is rapidly leading this society down a slippery slope to a more and more aberrant, disordered, and irrational society.

    Maybe down the line we'll see "marriage" between straight and homosexual consenting-adult incestuous people! Whoopee! Anyone who thinks this is progress is deluding him/herself. Rome didn't fall in a day. But it did fall.

     Wayne Lela


Obamacare destined to derail like Amtrak

    By the mid1950's and early 1960's, passenger train travel began to dwindle.

    The main reasons for this decline was due to cheaper passenger airline and passenger bus rates. In 1970/1971, the United States government, under President Nixon, deemed it necessary to continue the passenger train service.

    So, since 1971, Amtrak has a history of continual public funding. And, public funding is nothing more or less than "public taxes." If anyone doubts what I proclaim, I challenge them to research Amtrak history. I don't have the exact figure amount, but a fair estimation of "public funding" is probably in excess of $100 billion for 42 years.

    Amtrak has never shown a profit since it was "Governmentized." I, therefore, submit that the same future will also come to Obamacare. It has and will continue to produce higher prices for medical insurance.

    And, I also believe that the "so-called" 10-15 percent that didn't have medical insurance before Obamacare, will only shift to a different segment of our population.

    The United States government has a very bad record of financially managing former public businesses.

    Yes, we are still the greatest nation in the world. But, we are slowly and surely losing our national status among the nations of the world. Not only does the United States have a severe financial debt, but we as a nation have a serious "prayer debt."

    This is my opinion.

    Floyd T. Killebrew, Jr., U. S. Navy veteran.