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September 9, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Safeguards missing from city hall

renovation contract

    It is unfortunate that the city of Meridian entered in a contract with a construction company without constructional safeguards.

    These safeguards would have consisted of:

    1) Timeline checks as to the progress of the job, which would have included any and all extras not covered by the contract. However, if this contract was all inclusive of all unforeseen extras, then there would not been any extra labor and materials.

     2) Based upon the timeline, there should have been financial penalties against the primary contractor for not finishing a certain percentage of the total job contracted.

    3) Based upon the size of contract, it is not unusual for 10/15/20 percent of the total contract pricing amount to be held back upon completion of job, until all of the contract is completed. This would also include a final inspection. And also, inspections would be performed throughout the total job, from beginning to end. But, the final inspection would include any and all incorrectly, and/or improperly portions of the contract that were not performed according to the contract.

    I haven't read the contract, but unfortunately the city council is not pleased with total and final dollar amount that the city has had to pay.

    I, as myself, was excited about the renovation of City Hall five to six years ago. But, there were probably a large amount of Meridian's citizens that was not pleased, not only with the increasing cost overruns, but also the total final amount of money spent.

    I believe that the whole process of the contract could have been handled a whole lot better. I have based this observation upon the fact that I am a retired licensed remodeling contractor.     

    This opinion is based upon the article, " City Seeks Funds From Delay " in the Sept. 5, 2012 issue of The Meridian Star.


Floyd T. Killebrew, Jr.

Where are the

children’s voices?

    It is quite clear something is seriously wrong. No one has expressed their innocence, concerns, interest, or proactive measures as to the DOJ allegations facing Lauderdale County, specifically the city of Meridian, as to what is happening to our children.

    It is a shame the mayor nor the Meridian City Council and members of the County Supervisors which governs large portions of the city, has publicized their displeasure, distress or concerns regarding the protection of our children.

    It's like they are more concerned about their fiscal management responsibilities, roads, and pet projects, rather than the real reason they were elected in the first place; to represent the best interest of the very people in which they were elected.  

    Mayor, a real infrastructure is its people first. If that’s not fixed, the rest doesn’t matter. The government should be for the people, about the people, led by real elected people!

    The Bible tells us we are to be a father of the fatherless — or, of orphans. That is, God takes the place of the parent. And a judge of the widows — that is, He will see justice done them; he will save them from oppression and wrong.

    Our three male elder statesmen who sit on the city council, and all (5) of you who are County Supervisors should definitely know better. It was imperative you should have been vigilant and paid attention as to what was happening to the youth, specifically the young boys, considering many would grow up and possibly take your places someday. It's evident males are more likely to lead someday than females. Look at the overall city and county makeup!

    Since you failed to carry out your duties as elder statesmen and watchmen, your negligence will now return and become your demise! The Judge of All the Earth is now pronouncing Judgment upon Lauderdale County as a whole.  And no one individual will be able to stop what’s coming; not even your Lawyers!

    It will probably be in all of your best interests to resign, and throw yourselves at the mercy of the Community; considering you all, probably will go down in shame, now that the Judge of All the earth has pronounced judgment against you!


Rev. Randle L. Jennings