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October 6, 2013

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — The Effects

of Obamacare


    It is already apparent that Senator Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate have closed down the government, which I am sure was pleasing to President Barack Hussein Obama since he had already stated that he would veto any bill the Senate forwarded which included any defunding or delay of the Obamacare bill.  

    In addition Senator Reid has also refused to negotiate with the House of Representatives so we can look forward to the government being shut down for some time. One Congressman stated that the taxes imposed on the medical instruments companies was going to cause the lay-off of approximately 10,000 people and that the company in his state would probably move overseas.

    The question really is; how many more individuals are going to be taken out of the work force because of these taxes? A lot of businesses are already cutting their work force and are hiring only people to work less than 40 hours per week.  Senator Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire stated that there are only 21 hospitals in her state and that 10 of those hospitals was not going to accept people with Obamacare insurance. She stated that  some of the residents would have to drive over 300 miles to get to a hospital that will treat them. How may hospitals in Mississippi may decide to do this?

         In addition, how many doctors are going to just quit practicing because of this legislation. My general doctor has already decided it was time for him to retire and I now have a new doctor to replace him. How many more doctors are going to decide to quit?

         It appears that the Obamacare legislation is going to kill the work force even more than our economy has already done. With more money being paid out for welfare and un-employment and less and less money being input to the Treasury; Congress better take a good look at the increased cost that Obamacare is going to create and take the necessary action to start cutting down on spending.  

    A good place to start is to keep the Royal Family at home in Washington instead of vacationing all over the world.

Respectively submitted,

Jim Knowles

Restart government by bringing Congressional brats to shame!


    What can the average American citizen do who does not like the fact that the government was shut down by a relatively few radicals in the U.S. Congress who are acting like selfish children, like bullies and brats, that want their own way, are yelling, screaming and throwing temper tantrums, failing to do their chores, pass a budget, pay our debts, and get on with the business of making laws?

    I propose we tar and feather the Congressional brats with words of ridicule and make them sit on the naughty stool, in the corner wearing a dunce hat! I propose that we the people who they are failing to represent, who they are causing to suffer by reduction of wages, benefits and the means to a livelihood, that we take action using the modern miracle that is the Internet, that we speak up and boot these Congressional brats from public office.  

    I further propose that we the people take action to so expose these bullies and brats for the bad character and idiocy they exhibit which hurts other people, that they will be forced to resign from office.

    The Congress of the United States represents all the people; it is NOT a place for a few to throw spokes in the wheels and shut down the whole government because they may not like the color of the president's skin, the fact that there are people who are suffering in poverty, who need low cost health insurance, who may be homeless or without jobs and need a hand to reach out and lift them up, as Christ might give with spiritual inspiration or the Good Samaritan might give with aid from a stranger along the roadside.

    Have we forgotten how to love our neighbors? Have we lost our way in the modern muck of tea party politics open only to those who are white, rich or patrons of greedy industrialists living in mansions, castles or upon estates at the top of the social-economic ladder? Have we forgotten the masses who are not so well off and  but by the grace of God there go I?

    Yet we are those masses. We are the people. We are the ones hurt when Congressional Tea Party brats misbehave and do not properly represent ALL THE PEOPLE by acting to keep the government running and open to business. Hence we the people should respond by tar and feathering those disobedient brats out of office with ridicule, shame and the dishonor they deserve for their failure to perform their duty as public servants.

    I call upon all who agree to demand that those Congressional Tea Party brats responsible for the shut down of the government resign immediately! If they do not resign lets use the Internet and social media to badger the bullies and the brats, exposing their selfishness, greed, hypocrisy and idiotic, irresponsible behavior, until they are so shamed that they cannot show their faces in public.

    Let's restart the government by showing that we the people are still in control. Let's punish those who failed to do their duty by not only calling for their immediate resignation, but by docking their pay and suspending any and all of their benefits indefinitely. Then lets constructively campaign to elect representatives who will not fail the people by acting like selfish bullies and brats.

    By taking power and control back from the bullies and the brats, by restarting the government with resolve to punish those who were responsible for its shut down, an act which hurt millions of people, caused much suffering and hurt the reputation and image of these United States of America, we the people can show that it is NOT a few bullies and brats who rule the nation; rather, it is the majority which rules in the 21st Century, just as in the tea party days of old when our nation was founded.


Terry Lynch