Meridian Star

November 3, 2012

Letters to the Editor 11-3-12

The Meridian Star

— Response to open concerns

    It is written, man should always pray and never cease about all things.  Judging by the set of circumstances and events in Meridian this past week, it’s obvious to understand why God said this. I’m free, thank God I’m free!

    Mr. Knowles, I never once said I was a Democrat in any of my writings; so to answer your concerns regarding my views about Muslims activities in the party doesn’t concern me! I am a Christian! But if I were Muslim and a Democrat, the recent terrorist threats and practices displayed by Bill Ready Law Firm, Judge Frank Coleman, and our Beloved Mayor would make anyone concerned. I guess its being done for the sake of children!

    I don’t want to be distracted from the mission God has commissioned me.  Jan. 4, 2009 God told me; I was to save the Man Child in Meridian, Mississippi.  How is He planning on doing this; only He knows. To be threatened with further legal action by these same people regarding restitution for a program we all know would benefit our children, only displays the depths these people would go to, in order to keep control.

    Judge Frank Coleman (who is being investigated by the USDOJ for selling our children to Walnut Grove GEO Prison) appears untouchable when it comes to doing business for children in Meridian/Lauderdale County. The tactics the Ready Firm employs are the same low life tactics used during our Civil Rights Era; get something on the individual and use it to neutralize them. Sorry, it won’t work this time. We petitioned to the Judge of all the earth! He will deliver us!

    God said we wrestle not against flesh and blood; but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. STAND THEREFORE! And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, which I may open my mouth and speak boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel.

    The prayers vigils recently held would be our testimony. Crime, murder, and mayhem is at an all time high in Meridian and this mayor is claiming she’s concerned about $12,500 of the taxpayers’ money; money the previous mayor and council felt was good enough to invest initially, until they realized I wouldn’t be like the other puppets who bow down for filthy lucre and turn my head to all the wrong going on here. Sorry, I can’t! You spent more than that on gas, transporting our children through the pipeline jail!

    Finally, if I chose to become a Lauderdale County Democrat; we first must get rid of all the down low Republicans; especially all those who attend the party’s meetings and the next day hangout at the Republican mayor’s fundraisers and office to collect their filthy lucre! Our children need Promised Neighborhoods!

Rev. Randle L. Jennings




Vote God's will

     Some people are saying they are not going to vote for either presidential candidate because neither is are fit to be president.

I thought the same thing for some time, then my thoughts went to God asking him about who to vote for, and he clearly made me know the one with the most grievous — terrible — sins should not be president.

And when a president believes mothers have a right to have their babies in their stomachs murdered, and even full grown, with their head out of the womb.

He believes same-sex marriage should be legalized and believes in homosexuality and lesbianism. Folks, this election is not about politics, it is spiritual.

When a president believes and legislates on such evils as these, then this nation is going to get worse and even destroyed in the near future.

Second Samuel, 23:3 says he that rules over man must be first, ruling in the fear of God. In other words he must be a Christian, seeking and getting God's guidance in every situation.

(Amos 9:8) "God's eyes are on the sinful nation and He said, 'I will destroy it.'"

(Ezekial 13:14) "When the land sins against me grievously then I will stretch my hand upon it, and break the staff of the bread thereof and will send famine upon it, and will cut off man and beast upon it."

God teaches us in Revelations 6:5-8 that the very things Republicans say is going to happen if things don't change in our nation's government. And it is not far off in the future because of the Book of Revelations it teaches things that are going to happen not long before Jesus returns.

We cannot, we must not, vote white or black, Republican or Democrat! It must not be for the one with the most grievous sins, and I hope I have made it clear who that is.

God blesses nations whose God is the Lord and lives by his rules. He curses those who do not.


Nina Posey, Meridian