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April 13, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — What about traffic enforcement?

    Where are our traffic police? For about 12 to 16 years, the police have stopped enforcement of traffic laws.

    No more tickets for: 1) running stop signs, 2) running stop lights, 3) illegal lane changes, 4) speeding, 5) expired car tags, 6) illegal parking in handicap parking spaces, 7) broken head or tail lights of an automobile, 8) no auto insurance, 9) no auto tag, 10) no seat belt.

    I know there are probably many more traffic laws that I haven't mentioned. It is my opinion, that the current administration that from day one, Percy Bland thought that he had unlimited power. Then, after he appointed this new police chief, he too thought that he had unlimited power. No one man, nor woman, has unlimited power, regardless of the office or position they hold. No one man, nor woman, is better than another man, or woman.

    In the eyes of Almighty God, we all are equal. We all have, or should have, the ability to climb the ladder of success and happiness. It has been said that "hard work never killed anybody." Providing they are in good health. There should be unity, not division.

    But, as far as government is concerned, when there are closed door deals, illegal activity, or one individual or party attempting a power play than it hurts everybody.

    It's my belief that any person applying for public office, regardless of the level in government, should first serve at least two to six years in the military. This, I believe, would give to that person the understanding of the value and the true price of our American freedom.

    Thank you. This is my opinion.

    Floyd T. Killebrew, Jr.

U. S. Navy Veteran