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October 28, 2012

Letters to the Editor 10-28-12

Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Taliban inside at the White House

    Appearing before Congress, former Regional Security Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Libya, Eric Nordstrom concluded his testimony at a hearing on the U.S. consulate attack in Libya with a chilling parting comment regarding his frustration in fighting for more security, "The Taliban is on the inside."

    Obama in every way, visually, is a Muslim. The U.S. and the world are finding accommodation of radical Islam from the President in the White House. It appears the Taliban have infiltrated many levels of U.S. government and are influencing policy.

    The works "Islamic terrorist" has been removed from training manuals. There is a refusal by the White House to associate to associate terror attacks of Islam in speech. Subsequent to the Libyan attack, have you noticed an onslaught against free speech with regards to Islam?

    For Sharia Law to invade America, free speech must be silenced in the church, in local government and in every form of expression if you are politically correct.

    Today, in America, political correctness needs to die. "Putting away lying, let each one of you speak truth with his neighbor." (Eph 4:25)

    The instruction goes on to say, "Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification." (Eph 4:29)

    Journalists lie as long as they have a quotable source. In the political contest for November 2012 it is commonplace to lie. The education level in the U.S. does not seek the truth and does not have the ability to analyze the continuous repeat of falsehoods. Thus, our society is misguided with a mental message impute that is unscrambled, causing a vicious cultural deception.

    What happened to the teaching of the truth as rendered in the cherry tree, George Washington story: "I cannot tell a lie father, you know I cannot tell a lie! I did cut it with my hatchet."

    Today, in politics as usual, we find denial, deception and delay of the truth. This has never been acceptable and the American people reject this status of political correctness.

N. Brad Carter Jr., Meridian

Let your conscience

be your guide

    Folks, It looks like we have two choices. If you believe a man should marry a man and a woman should marry a woman; and if you agree the killing of thousands of unborn children is fine, and you like a party that God is not welcome in; I sincerely hope you will consider a second choice.

    A party which will support Constitutional government, create jobs, with a leader that will not play golf and take vacations all the time, and a party in which our Lord and Savior God Almighty is always welcome; then I say to you; Let your conscience be your guide.

Respectively submitted,

Jim Knowles, Meridian

Know your child's achievement levels


    During my professional educational career it was always important for me, as well as students, teachers, parents and administrators, should know their children's achievement levels in math, reading and language arts.

    Students can be in one grade and working above level, or below level. Do you know your child's levels in all of the major subjects? You can't look at a report card and tell the levels. You must ask your child's teacher!

    Students can be in grades K-12 and not working at the same levels. An example: A fifth grader could be working on three different levels in math, reading and language arts. Another example: An eighth grader can easily be working on the ninth grade level in math, the tenth grade level in reading and the sixth grade level in language arts.

    As soon as possible parents should find out the levels their children are working. The specific levels in the areas mentioned above. Do not accept below, or above level. Even if your child is in special education you need to know the same information.

    You must know the level and areas of weakness if you are going to help them. If they are on level, or above level, let them know how proud you are of them and that you are expecting them to continue.

    If they are working below level in any area, you and your child has work to do. If they are working below level in two or more areas, it is time to call 911 for help! Any way you can get it. You have no time to lose. Students struggle when they enter junior high school and high school below level.

    Recently I had a flashback when a student I thought was on the honor roll, could not read or write well. That brought back memories when I was a teacher, assistant principal and principal, when I wondered how he got that far in school without the skills to be successful.

    Listen to your child read, check his homework and get involved in the education of your child.

    All of us are familiar with the Global Position System (GPS). Parents should also be familiar with the Student Position Level (SPL).

Robert Markham, Meridian

Help feed the less fortunate


    Have you ever been really hungry and had no food to eat?

    There is a wonderful resource in Meridian that serves free, nutritious, hot healthy meals three days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. It is Feed By Faith.

    We are located in the old 5th Street United Methodist Church basement at 4000 5th St. We welcome anyone who is struggling to make ends meet or has a low, or no, income.

    We only ask that you sign your name when you come in. We seek donations from the community (funds or food) to begin the season of charitable giving. All of us in our community are responsible for each other and to see that our brothers and sisters are cared for.

    It is not only obedience to God, but it is jus the right thing to do. We welcome any group or individual to come volunteer to serve, cook or help in any way they can. No amount of funds given is too small.

    Little is much when God is in it. We not only have faith — we rely on it. We can be contacted by phone at 601-48--8999, or by e-mail at

Brenda Jefcoat,

Feed By Faith Board member