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February 10, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

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MERIDIAN — Computer users

have options

    Things they are a changing in this tech world and it is exciting.

     I am involved with research on computer operating systems. We are in a changing world and much is overlooked about some great options that can save you money and prevent some headaches. My research has included the security, savings and stability of computer operating systems of Apple, Microsoft and Linux ( Ubuntu). I hope you will give this some attention.

     I have found that many folks are not aware of options that can save them money and are much more secure than what they are using.

     I have been researching this topic for about a year and have found that greed and money play even a bigger part than I ever imagined. My eyes have been opened by a computer operating system called Ubuntu Linux, which I have been using for four years.

     Microsoft and Apple are what is called "proprietary," meaning they are owned or copyrighted and are the opposite of open and free. Proprietary also means the consumer pays over and over to use those systems, never owning anything but just paying for a license to use the operating system and buying programs. Microsoft has released Windows 8 and is a bit confusing and has a learning curve. Apple has a learning curve as well, not to mention the high price. Ubuntu is free and more stable and has a smaller learning curve. Anyone can easily use Ubuntu. YouTube is full of helpful videos.

     You might want to take advantage of Google and do a little research or reading just to check up on this information. The more you know, the more you will see clearly the difference between an pen source free and proprietary closed  OS (Operating System).

     The OS is free, as are most of the programs for Ubuntu Linux. It is far more secure than Microsoft and Apple systems. What this means is no worries about viruses, trojans or malware, nor having to run antivirus software that can cost quite a bit over time, another way to save with Ubuntu. Ubuntu can be installed on most any computer, meaning you do not have to buy a new computer. And this will make most older computers run faster and bring new life to them.

    Ubuntu does not need to reboot after installing a program and has its own app store built in. This is a neat advantage of Ubuntu, the next new release or upgrade versions are free for life. If you want a Linux version that looks like windows 7 use Lubuntu and it works on very old computers. Apple and Microsoft do not give away their new releases!

     Google employees use Ubuntu and there is a reason for that, the biggest being easily secured and customized. Wikipedia uses Ubuntu for its servers. Amazon uses linux servers. Linux Apache is the world's most popular Web server software running over 100 million web sites. Stats show that 94 percent of the worlds Top 500 super computers run Linux.

    For eye opening facts go to To learn more about Ubuntu go to and click on the tabs.   

    Thanks for the opportunity to inform.

    Gary Maxie, Meridian