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August 6, 2012

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MERIDIAN — City fortunate in police chief nominee

Dear Editor,

    I'm so happy to learn that James Reed has been nominated to be our police chief.

    Please take a second to consider his resume:

    • After graduating Meridian High School, he went on to the University of Mississippi for a Bachelors of Science degree in Public Administration and Law Enforcement.

    • "Career Naval law enforcement official with 35 years of experience in supervision, investigations, counter terrorism, theft and loss prevention, and protective services."

    This is one of our own who wants to come home and work for his hometown and its people. It is really exciting and a beautiful gift to us. I urge the city council to accept him with flying colors.

    I know James and his wonderful family. We are so fortunate that he would come home to Meridian.

Sincerely submitted,

Gil Carmichael

Great choice for police chief

Dear sir or madam,

    I am writing this letter to congratulate the honorable Mayor Cheri Barry for a recent recommendation.

    Mayor Barry made the recommendation to the Meridian City Council the name of James M. Reed for chief of police for the city of Meridian. I strongly feel she has made a great choice as he is well qualified and his credentials speak for themselves.

    Mr. Reed is also a Meridianite who I believe loves Meridian and is very concerned for the residents of the city. Meridian is where he was reared.

    I have always considered myself a close and personal friend of the Reed family for decades.

    Again, congratulations to Mayor Barry for an outstanding recommendation.

Dr. Charles Johnson, Sr.

Southern Christian Leadership

Conference, President

Culture of death

    In regards to the killings in Aurora, Colo., what a solid case for all those who think the death penalty should be handed down to the young man who committed such an evil act of violence.

    People say, "He should be executed in the town square," and, "No mercy was given to his victims, so he should not receive any mercy."

    I have heard many comments such as these on numerous talk shows and from a variety of individuals with whom I have come in contact.

    This is also a solid case to show that all the people who have been put to death in the past as a so-called deterrent to crime still has not prevented this type of random violence.

    It is time to come to the realization that meeting violence with violence does nothing but fuel a culture of death.

    We can see this throughout history and can most recently realize this in all the violence perpetuated around the world since the 9/11tragedy.

We have deterred very little, but have contributed to this culture of death, violence and vengeance that has so become part of our world today.

    We cannot prevent all acts of random violence, but I for one can voice my opinion concerning capital punishment.

    This is one act of violence that we, as a Christian community that believes all life is sacred, can prevent.

    Violence begets violence! Let's not fuel this culture of death and violence by putting him to death.

Jack Huntley,


A safe community is everyone's responsibility

    As was evidenced by a a daylight robbery at Wal-Mart 19, the frequency and boldness of the the criminal elements in our society knows no bounds.  

    It behooves the rest of us to be ever vigilant and diligent in being aware of our surroundings, not only for ourselves but for our neighbors also.  If something doesn't look right, it probably isn't. Make notes of car tags and time of day if witnessing strange or out of the ordinary events.  

    Check on your elderly neighbors from time to time, as the elderly seem to be especially vulnerable to thefts and vandalism. Don't assume that your police or sheriff's department won't do anything. Call them anyway. Attend your community watch groups.  

    Oh, and pray, pray hard for each other, government leaders, and law enforcement. If we want a better, safer community it's up to us.

Martha May,