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February 16, 2014

Letters to the Editor February, 16 2014

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Hopefully new direction isn't wrong direction

    I thoroughly enjoyed The Meridian Star's editorial in Sunday's newspaper concerning the recent firing of Mr. Ed Skipper, the now former chief financial officer of the city of Meridian.

    As a citizen of the city for the last 23-plus years, I am pleased to know that the financial status of our city was in such capable hands. I was also proud to know that our city financial office had received such prestigious awards under the guidance of Mr. Ed Skipper.

    I also know that, according to our present form of city government, that the city's department heads "serve at the will of the mayor." This term is antiquated. It gives the impression of terminology of the 1800s.

    I believe that it should be changed to something similar to "shall work for the city, until replaced by the city government." And I believe that the city council and the mayor should have joint authority as to the hiring and firing of all department heads. This is referred to as a "checks and balances" system — the form of government that our "United States" government was founded upon.  

    Therefore, I also, as probably would most of the city's citizens, would like to hear the reason for Mayor Percy Bland abruptly, and without prior notice to Mr. Skipper, firing Mr. Ed Skipper.

    I am 63 years of age and during my 42 to 43 years of working in the private and public sector, and the U. S. Navy, I have never been fired abruptly without my employer having a very good reason for doing so.

    And, under most normal circumstances, an employer will first discuss those reasons with their employee. I believe that Mayor Percy Bland owes an apology, first to Mr. Skipper, and secondly, to the citizens of Meridian.

    Because, I have heard it said that a person who can not or will not apologize for their own mistake is destined for a fall. It is arrogance that causes a person not to ask for forgiveness.

    Now, as for as for this "new direction" that Mayor Bland wants for the city of Meridian, I hope and pray that this "new direction" is not in the "opposite direction," nor not "one degree" in the "opposite degree."

    Because, after 35 years of going in the "right direction" I hope this "new direction" is not in the "wrong direction." Therefore, I do wholeheartedly believe that Mayor Bland owes the citizen's of Meridian an explanation as to which direction that he wants the city of Meridian to go.

    Thank you. This is my opinion

    Floyd T. Killebrew, Jr.,

U.S. Navy veteran

Opinions based on political agenda give pause

Dear Editor:

     I would like to respond to the editorial entitled “Seeing Al-Queda Behind Every Tree” by Dana Milbank.

    Osama Bin Laden is dead and a martyr to all of his Muslim brothers. His terrorist plan to kill all infidels (Americans) has exploded around the world. You may feel all warm and fuzzy, Mr. Milbank. I assure you that your head is in the sand.

     Have you ever met anyone in the United States military or civilian services? Do you know what an IED sounds like? Have you witnessed public executions?     Have you seen what happens when an Al-Queda straps a suicide bomb onto a small child for the “cause”? No? Too bad, Mr. Milbanks. I bet you would soil your pants. You have crossed the line.

    When I see opinions that are based on nothing but their political agenda, it gives me pause. Let’s take, for instance, Benghazi. As you wrote, it was a “menace;” sounds a lot like Hilary Clinton when asked under oath about why help was not sent to our Embassy, and she threw her hands in the air and said, “What difference does it make anyway?”

    Too bad that she, her boss, and even you, Mr. Milbank, couldn’t have been in Benghazi to truly understand what Al-Queda is capable of.

    The liberal press is so enamored with the President that they choose to spit on all of our warriors that bravely defend this country. And as for the conservatives, well, they have lost all of their fortitude and have turned into cowards. It is a pitiful state of affairs we are in.  

    Thanks to the garbage you spew Mr. Milbank, uninformed readers will trust your word. God help us!

    Glo Minor, Collinsville

Meridian played pivotal role in Civil Rights

    Dear Colleagues:

    It is with great pride and joy to say "shout-outs" to our very own Mr. Roscoe Jones and the Veterans of Civil Rights. The foundations ya'll laid paved the way for many of us who don't even know why we are standing where we are today!  THANK YOU and God Bless and may God keep You!

    This past Wednesday at City Hall, a special viewing of the documentary Freedom Summer was shown for a private group of invited guest. The documentary is scheduled for full public showing sometimes in June 2014 through PBS.  

    We are so proud to know we have brave warriors who stood on the front line of social, political and racial injustice; all to give those of us who were either too young, fearful, ignorant or apathetic to use the rights the U.S. Constitution gave to every citizen in this USA.

    To know Meridian played such a pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement, and to witness the injustice still going on today; reveals something went terribly wrong after the murders of the (Famous 3).  

    Let's pray our children get to see this and appreciate where we came from, what we had to endure; and to engage themselves to become motivated to take advantage of all the rights, these people fought, bleed and died for, to make a better way for the children of tomorrow.

    I was deeply disturbed to hear Mr. Dave Dennis say, the world was waiting on Meridian; considering in 1964, we were out to show the world we could lead Mississippi and the poor blacks in this state, out of the depths of despair, into the Promised Land; only to find ourselves still wandering in the wilderness!

    We still have a lot of work to do! And we all must come together and get it done. Otherwise, the next generation of young people will continue off course, all because the 21st Century generation of so-called black/white Civil Rights Leaders refuse to accept responsibility of working together; thinking I've got my prosperity, the next generation of children needs to get theirs. Only to find out at the end of life's journey; it will resonate in their spirit, it profited nothing to have gain the whole world of material things, and having lost their souls! This will be tragic!

    Finally, we were challenged to recall our history, celebrate it, reconnect with it and identify key participants and families who either hosted freedom summer volunteers, made contributions and strides through other Civil Rights venues such as the work the NAACP, SCLC and other organizations who were operating during the same time freedom summer was making its way to the South.  

    We were told to notify either Mr. Roscoe Jones or the local NAACP with names and information which needs to be reconnected with, to appreciated their contributions toward gaining the liberty we are appreciating to today.  

    Folks, this is our history, no matter how ugly, hurtful, dreadful it may appear.  What may be even more painful is, we may have sat back and watched history repeat itself with this School to Prison Pipeline; all because we started to major of the minor, and minored on the major!  We must keep our eyes on the prize, future generations to come!  

    We were told to gather community input as to the interest we have as a community to save the COFO Building. We can start a COFO Building Society and get our hammer and nails and meet to start preliminary repairs to this nationally known Historic facility.  We can save this building!  We just have to want to!  I asked the mayor to get with Mayor Young of Philadelphia and do a unified Pray to God  asking for forgiveness for each of our communities role during this tragic period of time!


Randle Jennings,

Meridian NAACP    

Skipper's firing deplorable

    Mr. Skipper 's firing is deplorable! He is without a doubt a remarkable public servant.  

    He is intelligent, honest, loyal, dedicated and a fine gentleman. What more could  you ask for? If this "new direction" that Mayor Bland is seeking can't use a man like Ed Skipper,  what is he looking for?


    Francine Long

About capital


    A recent article in the paper asks taxpayers to contact their state representatives about giving local citizens the right to vote on whether to levy a targeted sales tax is not necessarily a bad idea.

    The catch is in the wording. Depending on the interpretation of the term capital improvement, this could mean almost anything. Most bond issues or spending requests are weasel worded with terms like “other items as needed.“

    If they really want our input why do we have to go to great lengths to collect signatures to get to vote on local bond issues that directly affect our taxes?

    Items like the county's consolidated $14 million bond request or the city school district's $3 million bond for a field house to name a few.

    John Martin, Meridian