Meridian Star

May 6, 2012

The price of becoming a star

The Meridian Star


    The recent interview by ESPN’s Buster Onley featuring Dennis “Oil Can-Po-Boy” Boyd told one of the most powerful dis-hearting success stories ever been told!

    As a classmate, teammate, playmate, and friend; it hurt me to my heart to hear the revelation Satan, and the diseases called addiction and alcoholism can do, to a good hearted person, trying to fit in, in a Major League World.

    Mr. Boyd revealed the naked truth, we all realized, a reality growing up in his hometown of Meridian, Mississippi.  The chances of being introduced to drugs and alcohol, before learning an athletic skills, in which you may one day master; all the while, facing a spirit of self-destruction; having been introduced to drugs and substances; and abusing them.

    I pray he comes to a reality of soberness; and be able to come home, and tell the next generation, how he fought and defeated drugs and alcohol.  I love Dennis like a brother; unfortunately, reaching him will take a higher source; man is isn’t able to reach!

    I ask the city to witness the interview as objectively as we possibly can.  Realizing it could happen to anyone of us.  It could happen to us, and family members related to us.  

    However we view it, Mr. Boyd is a native Meridianite; graduate of the class of 1977 Meridian High School Wildcat.  He played under one of the most brilliant minds ever associated with coaching Mississippi High School Baseball; Bill Merchant!  We can’t forget how he grew up in the Magnolia/East End Community; loving the game.

    We must now realize, there is another generation of Dennis Boyd’s out there; therefore it is our responsibility to nurture, guide, direct and educate the next student, athlete, actor, actress, business owner, doctor, lawyer or teacher in right directions, early on in life; avoiding the pit-falls of street life, headed toward becoming the next; what ever you can imagine; God will allow them to be!


Randle Jennings