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December 30, 2012

Sunday, December 30, 2012

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MERIDIAN — Armed teachers

not answer

    Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, has suggested that the way to prevent mass killings in schools is for teachers to pack heat.

    Now I am fully supportive of our teachers (I was one myself), but let’s try to think this through.

    There are almost 100,000 public schools in America and about 33,00 private schools and about 3.7 million teachers and perhaps 0.3 million administrators for a total of about 4 million teachers and administrators.

    Now let’s suppose that 10 percent of these people (400,000) are armed. In any population of 400,000 people some of them, let’s guess 1/10th of 1 percent, or 400 people, have some sort of emotional issue that might cause them to react inappropriately under stress — some students can be very difficult to deal with, even violent.

    Teachers are not immune from psychological problems. Now do we really want 400 people with psychological issues wandering about our schools carrying deadly weapons?

    Think about it.

    Bob Regl, Hattiesburg

A gun is a tool

    Gun Control? That's an interesting topic, if only everyone was on the same page.

    For instance, a gun, by itself, is an inanimate object. Example, let's take three totally different objects and examine each:

    • An ax is a tool used to cut and/or chop wood or other soft materials. But, put that ax into the hands of an unstable or murderous individual, and the ax is no longer a tool, but a weapon.

    • A BIC ballpoint pen is a tool used to write words. Whether those words are good or bad is left up to the holder of the pen. But, look further, put that pen into the hands of an unstable or murderous individual, and the pen is no longer a tool, but a weapon.

    • A Gun is a tool for law enforcement, personal security or providing food on the table, if you are an American hunter. But, put that gun into the hands of an unstable or murderous individual, and the gun is no longer a tool, but a weapon of destruction of life.

    As a tool, the gun can provide food and life to an individual. As a weapon, a taker of life. The gun does not make the choice as to what it's purpose or use. That choose is, unfortunately, in the "hands" of the individual human being that is about to use it.

    Also, the three items that I choose can also be used for other purposes. For example, each can be used as doorstops, holding a window up or as a paper weight.

    Yes, we need laws in place to protect us. The only gun control starts with people control. Or, maybe, our government should have outlawed and banned guns, of all types, after the Revolutionary War for Independence of the United States. If the liberals believe that, then this nation would have been conquered by another people along time ago.

    God help The United States of America. Thank you.

    Floyd T. Killebrew, Jr.

Roosevelt taxed

rich to help nation

    When I was a kid one of my heroes was Robin Hood. Another hero of our family, and that of a host of other share-cropping families of the time, was President Roosevelt.

    Along with a lot of pressure from the public, Roosevelt was able to impose a 97-percent tax on all income over a certain amount. He used this tax on the wealthy to pay for his New Deal, such as the WPA.

    A job with the WPA gave my dad the opportunity to keep his family from going hungry by digging stumps the hard way on the right-of-way that is now Highway 488.

    With much of Congress, the Supreme Court and especially the corporate media in the pocket of the obscenely wealthy, it appears very unlikely that Obama is going to be able to squeeze even 3 percent from the greedy grasp of the royal elite of today.

    He is going to need far more than this miserly amount to repair the damage (the destruction of the middle class, etc.) done to the country over the last 30 years of conservative rule.

    As God's elect, members of this warmongering royal priesthood of the divine Rightwing believe they are entitled to the major portion of the economic pie so they can maintain their lavish lifestyle and continue feeding their revenues, bloated pet dragon, the Military Industrial Complex.

    C.E. Swain, WWII vet and retired UMC minister