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July 1, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Upset with postal service


    Several days ago I ordered a pair of deck shoes from a company and I received a card from the Post Office that they had tried to deliver the package; however, I was not at home at the time of delivery. I left my home today and went to the West Station Post Office to pick up my package and the gentleman there informed me that I would either have to call the North Station and have them deliver it again to my home or I would have to go all the way out to the North Station to pick up my package. Since the mail to my home is now being delivered in the afternoon; (when the West Station was in charge of delivery it was delivered in the morning), I decided to drive all the way out to the North Station and pick up my package. I told the clerks at the North Station that I would no longer use the Postal Service to deliver anything I order from a company out of town and I understood it was not their fault but this was just another of the changes that President Obama had promised us.



Jim Knowles


Help preserve county’s history


    Our family was honored on Memorial Day to receive a posthumous Purple Heart on behalf of our ancestor, Lt. Thomas C. Carter Jr., a native of Meridian who died on a World War I battlefield.  We are grateful for the hospitality and remembrance extended to us through this touching gesture.

    We wish to acknowledge that the Purple Heart award would not have come about but for the effort of Ward Calhoun at the Lauderdale County Archives.  Carter's Purple Heart will be on permanent display at the Archives.

    We urge all who are interested in seeing Lauderdale County's rich history preserved to consider sending a deductible donation to the Archives at PO Box 5511, Meridian 39302.


Carter Fowlkes

Atlanta, GA