Meridian Star

September 29, 2013

Your Views: Letters to the Editor September 29, 2013

Special to The Star

MERIDIAN — Kemper plant doomed to fail

    Mississippi Power customers, already burdened with a 12 percent rate increase, and 3 percent more scheduled soon, to fund the boondoggle coal-fired plant under construction north of Meridian, are destined to suffer a lot more.

    Southern Company lobbyist Haley Barbour and the Mississippi Public Service Commission are responsible for initiating a project that is doomed to fail.

    It is doomed due to the Obama administration's attempts to kill coal as a source of energy by implementing expensive emissions standards, market conditions that favor cheap and plentiful natural gas and untested technology for coal-fired plants (carbon capture and storage).

    How can people, especially in Mississippi that have suffered a 15 percent drop in income over the last decade, be expected to fund this very bad decision?

    Complain people!

    Gary Peeples, Meridian

Council decision not in city's best interest

    A good question to ask the Meridian City Council would be: “If this were your personal money, would you opt for saving the $250,000 plus/annually in insurance expense?” Well, it IS our money, as taxpayers, and we elected you as council members to represent OUR best interests in city government. You are NOT doing that; you’re not even representing YOUR best interests!

    Fox-Everett is an insurance “agency” in Jackson. You are not even funneling the additional funds into our city; you are sending it to Jackson! What a travesty that you are allowed to do so!  

    An independent “agency” receives approximately 15 percent in commissions from insurance “companies;” they are essentially “the middle man.” They are supposed to shop for the best insurance rates and coverage for their clients. Are they even doing what you hired them to do? NO, they are adding profit to their bottom line, not to the coffers of the City of Meridian.

    A much better use of this money would have been to landscape the grounds of City Hall … $250,000 plus would have purchased numerous trees and shrubs!!

    Julie W. Sharp

Thanks for your support

    I would like to thank Phi Delta Kappa fraternity for their community service.  On the 13 of September 2013 they had a benefit for Mr. Larry Ulmer (Larry D) a retired captain of the Meridian Fire Department who was injured in an accident.  Raising needed money to pay for some of his medical bills, that very same weekend they also donated money to the Dylan Mabry memorial fund to help the family with medical and burial expenses.  Seeing everyone coming together for a common good, Making Meridian a better place to live.

    Gregory J. Trombly, Meridian

The debt  ceiling and Obamacare

    In 2006, Senator Barack  Hussein Obama stated that raising the debt ceiling would be irresponsible and un-patriotic and would have a detrimental effect on our future generations. The debt ceiling at that time was $8 trillion.Now in 2013, he is wanting to increase the debt ceiling upwards of $17 trillion. He says this is necessary and it is the right thing to do. Was he lying when he made his statement in 2006 or is he lying now? You be the judge ...

    The House of Representatives voted recently to continue funding the government through Dec. 15: but also voted to defund the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) due to the fact that businesses are now hiring people to work less than 40 hours a week and a lot of businesses are simply cutting down their work force. Insurance rates have skyrocketed and that more than 50 percent of the American citizens do not want this legislation at all. Having said this: President Barack Hussein Obama has already said he will veto this House of Representative's Resolution and as a consequence, the government will be shut down. There is no doubt that he will not accept the responsibility for his veto shutting the government down but will place all the blame on the Republicans.  (George Bush will not work anymore!) When your welfare checks stop and your disability checks stop next month; remember it was President Barack Hussein Obama who really caused you not to get a check next month.

    Respectively submitted,

    Jim Knowles