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June 24, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

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MERIDIAN — Pet overpopulation and euthanasia

    Last Friday I went to Animal Control, and met Heather, a new employee. She was debating about which litters of kittens, to put down and which puppies to put down.  By put down I mean euthanize or kill. You see they had either gone past the 5 day holding period for strays or had just not been adopted … and more space was needed.  The adult cats and dogs, which is any animal over 6-9 months, are easy choices because it is highly unlikely they will be adopted when kittens and puppies are available.  The torment and anguish in Heather's eyes was very apparent and very sad.  

    Meridian city and county has the problem of cat and dog overpopulation. We see the stray dogs, sometimes running in packs.  We see the cats/kittens huddling in the shadows.  Many of these dogs and cats are turned into Animal Control.  Last year 70 percent of the animals turned into Animal Control were killed. This kill rate can change if the community comes together and makes it known this is not right and not wanted.

    If pet owners spayed and neutered their pets, their pets would not reproduce and have unwanted kittens and puppies. There would be less dogs and cats dropped off at Animal Control and less euthanized.  

    Currently there is a program at Animal Control where one can adopt an animal and have it spayed or neutered for $35.00.  This is a very low cost for adopting an animal and having it spayed and neutered.  This is an awesome program but the money will run out if more funds or donations are not received.  Please know that Animal Control is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization and able to receive tax-deductible donations. The address and phone is:

    Lauderdale County Animal Control

    501 Cooper Avenue

    Meridian, MS 39301


    There are Animal shelters that have a no-kill policy.  We are not ready for this but there is hope.  Currently there are 34 municipalities throughout the country saving over 90 percent of the animals taken into their shelters. (Check out, or We have to let our county Board of Supervisors know that the people of Lauderdale County truly want to address pet overpopulation and the euthanasia rate at Meridian Animal Control. I ask anyone who resides in Lauderdale County to please email their Board of Supervisor to let them know where you stand. If you do not know how to contact them or are not sure who your Board of Supervisor is please go to:

    Listed below is a suggested email to send to your Board of Supervisor...

    I am in support of the following:

    1. I want euthanasia rates to decrease

    2. I believe the way to do that is to incorporate the 11 steps that have brought success to at least 34 other municipalities, two of which promotes spaying and neutering of pets and low cost spay and neuter programs

    3. I believe that the community is ready to help, keeping the budgetary requirements to within an acceptable amount

    I believe, as Meridian citizens, we can improve and treat humans and pets in a more humane manner.

    From a voting citizen of Lauderdale County

    “We choose to do these things not because they are easy, but

because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.” — John F. Kennedy

Michelle Delanty


Right to switch political parties


    Recently and in the past sometimes as well, there has been the tendency of some individuals in political office to simply announce that they are changing from one political party to another, Democrat to Republican or vice-versa. No one but the elected office holder knows how long or how difficult this decision to announce has been. Nonetheless, it seems to me that this process is wrong, and that the political parties need to enact some sort of legislation that defines the specifics of how this switch can and should be made, while maintaining fairness to all. Just think about anyone that does this:  a mayor, a representative, a senator, or even a governor.  Surely one can see where this type of change simply is not fair to the voters who elected that specific person.  As the elected office-holder from whichever party, that person was elected while running for office under that specific party’s platforms, and the constituents are certainly entitled to be represented by the person AND the party they elected. The voters defeated the candidate that ran against this person, so why should this one person (the officeholder) be able to change the results of the election from what the voters chose, to one they didn’t choose?  

    I believe that such action is tantamount to election tampering or voter fraud by the specific person doing the switching while already in office. How can our state government officials allow this to happen, especially even among their own members? Does correcting this situation seem too much to ask, or unfair in any way?

Michael Story