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August 19, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Please run

more SEC sports

    I would like to address the lack of coverage of the SEC baseball tournament last spring.

    The Meridian Star didn't have one article about the tournament, while The Star covered all the local high school baseball tournaments that were played that week in great detail.

    As a reader since September 2009, I have been very frustrated by the lack of coverage that has not been displayed in the sports section with SEC baseball, golf, tennis and basketball.

    As a reader I, along with many of my friends, sit and talk about the poor coverage that is shown by The Meridian Star.  The Clarion Ledger covers the state's SEC teams and provides SEC league standings also.

    I think that local business would advertise for special events like the SEC tournaments.

Douglas Harden


The American flag and our public schools

    This summer I asked the high school on two occasions why they did not fly the flag when they were open. I also emailed the superintendent.

    The only answer appeared to be, “ROTC put the flag up and weren’t there in the summer.“ I let it go until school started. A week went by and no flag, so on Tuesday, the 14th, I decided to see what the other city schools were doing.

    To my surprise, most were like the high school — no flag. I only found two schools flying the flag. The superintendent and offending principals should be ashamed.

John Martin