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March 19, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Meridian Police Department

    The following incidents were reported to the Meridian Police Department from the time period of Friday at 00:01 to Sunday at 11:59.

Residential Burglary

    • 1400 block of 36th Avenue, daytime

    • 3900 block of 40th Street, daytime

    • 2900 block of State Boulevard, unknown time

Auto Burglary                                

    • 200 block of South Frontage Road, nighttime

    • 200 block of South Frontage Road, nighttime

    • 1400 block of 14th Street, nighttime

    • 800 block of 45th Avenue, nighttime

    • 400 block of 57th Avenue, nighttime


    • Saturday night at about 8 p.m., Police were called to a residence in the 1700 block of 45th Avenue on a robbery call. Upon arrival they were advised a man had been robbed by force of his cellphone by a family member who had departed before police arrival. Police continue to investigate the incident.

    • On Friday, Meridian Police arrested 31 year old Wayne E. Welborn of Pine Springs Road and charged him with Felony Embezzlement. His bond was set at $25,000.

    The Meridian Police Department reported the following arrests Friday through Sunday:

    • Ginny M. Canning, trespassing, born 1972, 22nd Avenue

    • Roshawnda M. Bell, contempt, born 1984, 39th Avenue

    • Jonathan J. Scrutchens, contempt, born 1988, 36th Avenue

    • Remington L. Creer, disorderly conduct X 3, resisting arrest, born 1988, Lick Skillet Road

    • Harry L. Boykin, DUI refusal, contempt, traffic, born 1968, 65th Avenue

    • Damen R. Adams, public drunk, born 1990, Goose Creek, SC

    • Matthew A. Scott, public drunk, born 1988, Garden City, Mich.

    • James C. Harbin, contempt, born 1963, JW Reynolds Road

    • Ariel Horne, trespassing, born 1992, Highland Avenue

    • Daniel L. Maxwell, DUI other, possession of marijuana, possession of controlled substance, born 1987, Vimville Causeyville Road

    • Gabriel Rawson, shoplifting, born 1987, Schanrock Road

    • Erica Taylor, simple assault, born 1994, Valley Street

    • Belinda Lemon, simple assault, born 1973, Valley Street

    • Eric Q. Clayton, contempt, born 1980, 29th Avenue

    • Caitlyn A. Roberson, simple assault, born 1994, 43rd Street

    • Andrew H. Dayton, DUI 1st, possession of marijuana, possession of alcohol by a minor, possession of a fake ID, traffic, born 1993, Country Club Drive

    • Charles A. Chisolm, possession of marijuana, traffic, born 1978, Oak Street

    • Adam T. Christian, DUI 1st, born 1984, 64th Avenue

    • Labyran F. Thedford, DUI 1st, traffic, born 1963, 30th Avenue

    • James T. Britain, DUI 1st, traffic, born 1969, 34th Avenue

    • Gerald D. Collins, DUI 1st, possession of marijuana, traffic, born 1973, 15th Avenue

    • Lashonda D. Grady, DUI 1st, traffic, born 1981, 23rd Street

    • Johnny Horn Jr., disorderly conduct, disturbance of a family, born 1970, 23rd Street

    • Jimmy L. Davis, shoplifting, born 1973, Valley Street

    • Willie Hearn, possession of marijuana, traffic, born 1983, 2nd Avenue

    • Corderick D. Burton, DUI 1st, born 1987, Seth Cobb Road

    • Michael C. McLaurin, possession of marijuana, traffic, born 1990, 16th Street

    • Demetrius L. Ford, public drunk, born 1979, 23rd Street

    • Dexter Dunnigan, DUI 2nd, possession of marijuana, possession of controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia, traffic, born 1991, 20th Street

    • Leon Trussell, DUI 1st, traffic, born 1956, 27th Street

    • Michael W. Harrell, DUI 1st, traffic, born 1971, Adams Street