Meridian Star

January 21, 2014

Law Enforcement 01-21-14

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — The volunteer fire departments reported the following emergency runs between 8 a.m. Friday and 8 a.m. Monday.


• Brush fire, Hwy. 495 (Bailey, Martin)

• Brush fire, Smith Spur Rd. (Toomsuba)

• Brush fire, Meehan Savoy Rd. (Meehan)

• Shed fire, Old Hwy. 19 S. (Collinsville)

• EMS, McKee Rd. (Northeast)

• EMS, Lauderdale Toomsuba Rd. (Toomsuba)

• EMS, McKee Rd. (Marion)

• Brush fire, Arundel Rd. (Lost Gap)

• Fire alarm, Hwy. 19 N. (Martin, Collinsville)

• Brush fire, Poplar Springs Rd. (Northeast)

• Brush fire, Ponta Hills Rd. (Marion, Northeast, Lauderdale, Bailey)

• Structure fire, Cedar Ln. (Toomsuba, Lauderdale, Russell)

• Brush fire, Hwy. 19 N. (Collinsville)

• Brush fire, Newton County Martin Rd. (Martin, Collinsville)

• Traffic accident, Hwy. 19 S. (Southeast)

• Brush fire, Luther Ray Cobb Rd. (Center Ridge, Toomsuba, Lauderdale)

• EMS, Valley Rd. (South)

• Brush fire, Morgan Rd. (Lost Gap, Meehan)

• Brush fire, Promise Acres Rd. (Suqualena)

• Traffic accident, Hwy. 45 S. (Clarkdale)

• Brush fire, Pine Springs Rd. (Bailey)

• EMS, Lauderdale Toomsuba Rd. (Toomsuba)

• EMS, Willow St. (Suqualena)


Editor's Note: Arrest reports were unavailable Monday due to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., holiday.