Meridian Star

September 9, 2012

Police and community deserve credit for quick arrests

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN —     Kudos to the Meridian Police Department on the arrest of three suspects in the Aug. 21 murder of Jaddarian Jimerson, 23, who was shot execution style in the 2900 block of 10th Avenue while walking home from work.

    Appreciation is also due to members of the public who helped make the arrests possible.

    Meridian Police Chief James Reed credited long hours and hard work on the part of his police force and information provided by citizens with the arrests of the three men.

    "We had a crime committed and had three suspects we needed to find," Reed said. "The detectives in this case, working with tips and information provided by community conscious citizens, led to these arrests. We always encourage citizens to get involved with helping us to solve crimes."

    On Aug. 30, police arrested Meridian resident Paul Raphael Brown Jr., 17. The following day, Anthony Martin Davis, 28, and Robert Demond Moore, 29, both of Meridian, were also arrested.

    All three men are charged with murder in the fatal shooting. The men are just suspects at this point and unless proven otherwise in court are presumed innocent. We will leave it to the courts and jurors to make a final determination on that matter.

    All we can speak to is the quick action by police in developing leads, identifying suspects and making the arrests within 10 days of Jimerson's murder.

    Given that it can take weeks, months or years before an arrest is made in many murder cases — if an arrest is made at all — the speed with which the police department acted on information provided is commendable.

    Credit is also due to members of the community who provided the information that led to the arrests. Too often people are afraid to speak about suspects in a murder case, which is understandable.

    Law enforcement is much more effective, however, with community support.

    Good job by all involved.