Meridian Star

September 6, 2013

Big duck, little pond …

By Anne McKee
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Here’s the thing … either one is a big duck in a little pond or a little duck in a big pond. Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it, but is anything easy any longer? Rest assured — nothing in the 21st Century is as logical and common-sense as the way our grannies interpreted it all – sometimes with a switch and a smile, followed by, “I love you.” It worked every time.

        Big duck, little pond — You say, but, but, but I just want to be me. Sorry — that time is over. Now we must be categorized: Personality “A” or Personality “B” – right-side-brain or left-side, introvert, extrovert, blah, blah, blah …

         I really try to stay update with the trends and I know you do as well, especially when one of those trends might mean ME – Yikes!  I mean don’t we try to be hip and cool, in-the-know, in-the-loop, well-informed, well-read, knowledgeable, charming, and well, you know?

         Granny had it all figured out. The way she saw it:

    1. He’s dumb as dirt.

    2. She’s not the brightest star in the sky.

    3. When God gave out brains, she was absent.

    4. She’s charming as the morning star.

    5. He is as dependable as humidity during a Mississippi August.

    6. He’s as lazy as they come.

        Granny would have been surprised to know that she had categorized her neighbors, acquaintances (church-folk) and relatives. I mean she was just being observant and telling it like she saw it.

        Ah, but today – there are personality traits. According to

    1. Positive traits: capable, trusting, cultured, confidence, helpful, charming, plus several others.

    2. Negative traits: laziness, sullen, sarcastic, bossy, conceited, obnoxious, rude and several others.

         Granny had her techniques as well to solve the grandchildren’s laziness, bossy ways, and rudeness — yes, the switch off of the apple tree. That’s right — no guessing about our personality traits.

    Why we didn’t even know the brain had two halves. Now as to the adults, Granny had her ways in that category as well. It didn’t take personality “A” or “B” to understand Granny’s meaning. Nope, Granny did not allow any “misbehaving” in her house, no-way, and no-how. Somehow we all understood (adults and children) and respected her wishes.

         Also, at there is an interesting discussion pertaining to creating one’s personality. “Your personality is entirely up to you. It is in the actions you take and the decisions you make … To become well-rounded: sports can make you stronger, arts and crafts can make you patient, and volunteering can make you caring. Even reading a book can push you to be better.”

         Granny had us do creative work as well — hoe that garden, cut the grass, shell the peas, wash the dishes, and sweep the floor. We found we were, indeed, creative and the lessons have lasted a lifetime.

    Then I saw posted on a website: a peculiar question: "What is your color?" It’s written by a lovely lady, I’m sure – Wendy Krick. The color question pertains to the four personality colors. The text is taken from the book, "Success in Ten Steps" by Michael Dlouhy.

    1. Yellow — 35 percent of people are yellow, characterized by an easy smile and slower pace.

    2. Blue – 15 percent are blue, characterized by bright and flashy jewelry, maybe a Hawaiian shirt, lots of movement and excitement.

    3. Green – 35 percent are green. They analyze everything, have a problem with loneliness, amazing planners, and see the glass as half empty

    4. Red – 15 percent are red. They are not open to coaching, the best negotiators, energy to burn, and confident.

    I was just thinking Granny’s favorite color was purple and it’s not even listed. Oh, I know red and blue together will make purple, but somehow I can’t see Granny in a Hawaiian shirt, but now she was an excellent negotiator, and did have energy to burn.

         Today, according to “the experts” – we must dwell upon brain functions and characteristics, logic and domination, verbal or visual, blah, blah, blah … we can’t be too direct or harsh – might damage self-image, temperament, or cause personality-quirks. What? Oh, if only Granny was here today. Sigh.

         By the way, my Granny Calvert was definitely a big duck in a little pond and we loved her for it.

     Anne B McKee is a writer and storyteller. Visit her website: