Meridian Star

October 4, 2013

Crafty in October

By Annie McKee
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Here’s the thing … being crafty in October doesn’t mean one is sly or sneaky. Oh, no – when I think crafty, I think of those busy folks who are talented with their hands – creative and clever. I know many people who are right at home in the arts and crafts department of any store – online or in person. I just don’t happen to be one of them.

         Crafty in October – one might ask. Why October? The simple answer – preparing for the holidays, gift giving, church bazaars, arts and crafts shows, and all of the wonderful creations that appear during November and December each year as a result of Crafty in October … it’s an exciting time to be creative, to make a special gift with one’s own hands.

         One of the best places in this area for those of like-minded-crafty-endeavors is the Meridian Activity Center. Oh, how I love to hang around the Center and marvel at all of the talent. From heirloom sewing, smocking, crochet, quilting, knitting to stained glass, flower arranging, visual arts, ceramics, pine needle basket weaving, jewelry construction, and Swedish weaving – it’s all there. The Center literally buzzes with creativity.

         So here I am hanging out – wishing and hoping there is something crafty for me to learn.

    Of course, my husband asked if I would have to follow directions or read instructions. You see I’m not too good at either one, but I assured him neither was a problem for me (wink, wink). With that said, I went bravely through the Center’s front door and took a front seat near the crochet section (not in the class, mind you). I wasn’t that brave. There I was just saturating the heavy air of creativity until I felt inclined to buy thread and a crochet hook. I was on my way!

         The thread package (I selected yellow) had a nifty pattern of a baby’s afghan. It really looked rather easy, said this novice. I began to stitch and switch, slather and slink … not the real terms for the crochet pattern, but it worked for me. I crocheted while watching TV, talking on the phone, using the computer, during yoga lessons, reading, cooking, and swinging in the front porch swing. I was getting the hang of it all. I ignored the puzzled looks of my husband and sons. They are only men after all.

         As I crocheted I really didn’t have a plan. I mean what was I to do with this lovely yellow crocheted baby afghan? It was the first of December when I completed my masterpiece and that’s when it came to me. My church was collecting items for a shelter/home for new moms and their babies. Even though I didn’t know this mom and baby, I felt positive the yellow blanket was meant to be included. So that’s where my first crocheted creativity found its place.

        I was on a roll. Next I selected white thread. I was getting inspired. As I crocheted, I often wondered about the sweet baby who would appear to receive my white blanket. Just as it was supposed to happen, when I completed the last stitch, I called Wesley House.

    I talked to Ginger Grissom and she squealed with delight (and tears). She explained that there was a young mother, with new baby, who felt as if God did not love them. So my white blanket had found a home. I wrote a note explaining how as I crocheted I didn’t know who the baby would be, but God had led me to her. It was a joyful time.

        Next I selected pink thread. As I crocheted I imagined a little girl cuddling with her “blankey” and playing tea party with teddy bears and dollies – all cozy and spread on the pink blanket. The crochet ritual has gotten so comfortable these days that I know each time as I complete the last stitch God has a plan for just the right mom and babe. It always happens.

         Last week I met the new mom – actually I already knew her, but didn’t know about the new baby girl due in October. This time God blessed me with an extra special bonus. The baby’s name had already been selected – Anne!

         Today I purchased blue thread. The stitching begins again … crafty in October – it’s a good thing.