Meridian Star

June 21, 2013

The big payoff …

By Anne McKee / Guest Columnist
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — It arrived this morning, the “big payoff” that I have been expecting for so many, many years. You know ladies after you reach a certain age, you feel so, so, well … old!  But that need not happen to you if one day you receive the “big payoff” such as I have received today.

    The “big payoff” came to me in the sweet voice of my 6-year old granddaughter. Now I must admit that possibly, just maybe, I did influence her a tiny bit as her pepaw (my husband) has alluded. But I like to think that she has observed and made her own conclusions. I will admit, or perhaps, even shout that these wonderful observations and conclusions made by my unbiased little grand have just made my day, no my decade!

    You see little McKenzie was at my house this morning, and as her Daddy (my son) walked in to pick her up to go home, she gazed directly at me and asked this question, “MeMaw is my Daddy older than you?”

    Didn’t I tell you this is big stuff!

    I mean I was bowled over! My son acted as though he didn’t hear a word of this profound question. So being the astute MeMaw that I am, I asked McKenzie to repeat her question. She immediately voiced the same wonderful words.

    By then my son was catching on and so he began to hurry McKenzie toward the door to be on their way home. Ah, but I’m just too fast for him as I caught onto McKenzie’s sweet little face and answered her question with a question of my own.      “Why, do you think that I look younger than your Daddy?”

    Of course, the little angel says, “Uh huh, MeMaw” -- it was wonderful!

    OK, I know she is only 6 years old, but, oh, it so COUNTS! The years of slapping the night cream on when I just couldn’t make one step in front of the other was, indeed, a huge payoff. The endless dieting I have endured. I have dieted my entire life, well, ever since I was 10 years old and a very skinny little girl. At that time my Mother took me downtown to the ThreeFoot Building to ole Dr. Hackett Bennett, with the complaint that she could not get me to eat. I remember well the dark colored liquid tonic that the Doctor prescribed and I like to say, “Boy did it work” because I have never missed a meal since that time!

    So this morning I received the “big payoff” to help offset the years of dealing with the hair dilemma (is it too short, is it too long, how about the color, the style), and the shoes dilemma, the eye glasses or contacts dilemma,  oh, and it just goes on and on.  

    Not to mention the hundreds of make-up revisions I have made in my lifetime, the make-up parties I have attended and the many make-up big business corporations I have helped to support. Not to forget exercise classes, aerobics, walking the track at the high school, and rolling around all over the floor at my house just trying to look in shape, and bottom line to look YOUNGER (and yes, also working on THE bottom, too)!

    It all eclipsed into the “big payoff” of a woman’s lifetime this morning, with seven little words, “MeMaw, are you younger than my Daddy?”

    It just doesn’t get any better than this!