Meridian Star

January 24, 2014

Boomer’s rock …

The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — By Anne McKee

Yes, especially in this new year of 2014, the Boomer’s are taking over -- Baby Boomer’s, that is! A Boomer here, a Boomer there -- we’re everywhere! What is a Baby Boomer, you ask? The term was penned by journalists, when describing the record number of infants born in the United States, directly following the end of World War II. As the soldiers returned home from the War, there was a boom in the number of births, thus Baby Boomer’s were literally born, and I am one! Actually, according to official records, the Boomer population numbers are probably the most significant recorded in recent times; overwhelming numbers of births in one short period of time – from late 1945 until 1964 when there were 79 million babies born in the United States. And, the big news is that most Boomers have now retired, with time on their hands. Hold on to your hats, because Boomer’s are here! Yes, the Boomer’s are the most active segment of the population; active in many ways. And retailers are paying attention because most Boomer’s have the extra time and money to partake, well, everything! From shopping to traveling, from starting new businesses, to writing a novel – the Boomer’s are on the march! And it’s a good thing; actually the Boomer way of life can add tons of advantages to many areas: Volunteerism is a main Boomer project. I mean, what would, for example, Love’s Kitchen be without volunteers, or The Meridian Council for the Arts, Meridian’s First Civitan Ladies Chapter, Merrehope Mansion, Meridian Main Street, and church choirs? Oh, it goes on and on -- so much to volunteer, so little time. Recently, attired in my “Boomer Hat” and my sturdy “Boomer Marching Boots,” I set out to share my originally written stories for several elementary schools. The large number of bright-eyed, cherub cheeked youngsters did not miss a word. I thanked My Maker for such an opportunity. I received much more joy than I gave -- perks of being a Boomer, with extra time in my schedule. Also, I am finding in “Boomer Land,” where I now reside, that the fulfilling of one’s heart through generosity, and volunteer community participation, can be a delightful job description – be sure to leave the ego at home and sprinkle in good-true friends, a worshipful and mission-minded church family, then add cute children and like-minded adults into the mix, and you’re all set. Try it; you’ll see what I mean. Some may say I sound as though I’m bragging, well; maybe I am, but Boomer’s have something to brag about! Oh, let us cut-to-the-chase, as some ole coon hunters would say. We Boomer’s have the time and money (most of us are not rich, but secure) to seek endeavors that will fill the bank account of our hearts; the days are in the past when we spend time with people who made us unhappy, or become involved with commitments that were too chore-like. No, we are done with this nonsense. How did Forrest Gump describe happiness? “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.” I would add, if life is a box of chocolates, make mine Snickers. I have never had a bad day, with a Snicker in my hand! So, bring on 2014 -- Boomer’s are ready. We’re talented, we’re thin (or plan to be!), we value integrity, and we are a vital part of what makes this ole world a happier place. Yes, Boomer’s rock!

Anne McKee is a writer and storyteller. See her website: