Meridian Star

April 11, 2014

Fascinating …

By Anne McKee
The Meridian Star

MERIDIAN — Here’s the thing – not that I am a wordsmith, but I do love words. Wordiness is my thing, exhibited by my verbose tendencies, in not only a verbal context but a written one as well. Yeah. Not that I am longwinded or tedious, oh no, I happen to think I am very interesting, as most wordmongers would say.

    Now, with that said, I have discovered a word that can make a nice fit in any verbal conversation or even written work. The word is Fascinating!

    Fascinating, isn’t it? Yes, this little eleven letter wonder can compliment or depreciate – whatever you need at the time. Allow me to offer a wordy example.    

    You remember, don’t you -- that person who was so sly with their actions? How she enjoyed “getting your goat” as she bounded into your personal space, all bubbly and giddy. Then, she turned around and around to be admired in the latest fashion trend and at the same time divulged a huge secret – how she had purchased the chic and hot (she thinks) bit of cloth at a nearby shop for an amazing saving. When she has your attention, she places her hand across her mouth and blinks big eyes as she coos. “Oh my, so sorry, but the store only has sub-zero sizes, and, uh, not YOUR size. Sorry.”

    Your comment: “Fascinating.”

    Now aren’t you glad you’re reading me today. Hey, I have more.

    Then there is the one in your circle who enjoys spewing those long words and quotes in the most audacious way as he recites facts about the entire world and a few galaxy insights as well. Yeah, that’s right. He jumps aboard the Milky Way of an aggravating monologue, with strutting words and bloviating nonsense. It goes like this. “Do you know the mating skills of the African Psittacus erichatus – that they make their nests in locations that have been abandoned by Wood Peckers, mostly near the eastern Ivory Coast?”

    Your answer: “Fascinating.”

    Next is the attention-seeking-over-achiever. “Last week, I walked 300 hundred miles, with a basket of pre-historic rocks balanced on my head.”


    Let us not forget the sickly one: “Just look at my toe. Does it look swollen? While you are at it, take my temp, and puree the prunes for my snack.”


    Do you remember the time you were introducing someone to a friend and forgot one or both of their names? Next time begin with something like this. “Please meet my fascinating friend.” It will work – both individuals will be overwhelmed by the fascinating compliment and perhaps overlook your lapse of memory.

    Finally the doomsday voice. “I’ll never make it. Last night the news reported an outbreak of Jumping Frenchman of Maine disorder. Oh, I know the disease is mainly found in an isolated group of French Canadian lumberjacks, but I really feel I am coming down with it. You know I take everything.”

    “Fascinating.” What a sweet word -- with this versatile word, you may walk your pathway always prepared for the weirdo’s you might encounter along the way, as you traverse and live in your sometimes quiet little corner of the world.

    Yes, fascinating words are not only for the dorky, but for regular-type-folks as well. I mean there are people in your life that you want to encourage and sincerely compliment, therefore the term fascinating is very appropriate. Unfortunately the weirdo’s outnumber the normal ones. Sigh.

    For the wordy ones of the world, there are many opportunities found online where one can sharpen their trade, learn a new word everyday or every week or month. Perhaps I am the one in your circle who enjoys spewing unusual words, however I know nothing about the Wood Pecker situation in Africa, but I admit I sleep with a Thesaurus under my pillow.

    Stay tuned for the next edition of wordiness -- a word here, a word there, all guaranteed to fascinate.

    Fascinating – try it.

    Anne McKee is a writer and storyteller. See her website: