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November 5, 2008

Star Wars revisited

Film gets an unofficial face-lift

Utter the words, “A long time ago,” and certainly most anyone not living under a rock could complete the statement that began one of the most popular and influential films in American movie history: Star Wars.

It's been a long, successful road for creator George Lucas. With two more Star Wars sequels, and of course, the Indiana Jones films, fans have praised him for all his creative efforts from the late '70's, and on through the '80's.

However, criticism for George Lucas shifted in the late '90s when he re-issued the Star Wars trilogy. The Star Wars Special Edition trilogy came issued with brand new CG effects to bring the film up to code to current films using the technology. Along with these additions, Lucas also made changes to the film that upset many fans of the film series. From adding a CG Jabba the Hutt, to changing a scene where Han shoots a gangster before he gets shot.

To top things off, Lucas released his prequel trilogy, and while it made big money at the box office, again, many fans were turned off by the wooden acting, and excess of CG effects that some say made the films seem distant from the Star Wars films they knew before.

No need to worry about this anymore. Welcome to the age of the fan editor. What is a fan editor? Ever watch that movie, and everything was perfect except one line, or a whole scene even? Most likely someone agreed with, and decided to take matters into their own hands.

Today we are only talking about fan edit, however; and that edit is Adywan's Star Wars: Revisited.

Adywan is the fan editor code name for Adrian Sayce of Shrewsbury, UK. In his edited version of the very first Star Wars film, you will find roughly over 200 adjustments, including facial movements in the Cantina aliens, and re-colored lightsabers.

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